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Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Beautiful Lady

Last September I waxed poetically about Lady Liberty.

I can't help it, I have to say again, isn't she beautiful?

Today her crown reopens. I think something like 20 lucky people get to climb the 350+ stairs! I would so be ready for that workout.

I have a quick meet date at 4pm today with a tech writer in the medical field. Hope we don't spend too much time talking about work though. Cafe Zebu...I don't drink coffee, but I bet that is their speciality, along with pastries. Hmm.

We can kiss Velvet Voice goodbye. He gave a lame text message after my 3 attempts to reach him all week. Guess he didn't enjoy our 2nd date as much, but what I don't appreciate is the sudden brush-off when the communication prior was flowing like a river. Just say you're not interested, don't ignore me. Nothing gets under my skin worse than that.

The weather is sunny - omg yes! - and breezy. No need to worry about AC or sweating. This is really awesome for a non-summer soul like me.

Happy holiday everyone. The dogs and I won't be enjoying the fireworks, but I do appreciate the celebration of this great country.


G33kGirl said...

We trained our Lucie to be a gun dog. She tore right off her leash last night and dove into the lake after the fireworks. She caught one as it landed and singed off her whiskers. She burned herself. I feel awful. The 4th and bird dogs just don't mix.

Graciela said...

Hope you and your dogs held up okay with the fireworks. I know B & I are glad that part is over.

Sarah said...

LAME! Why do men love to just ignore when they don't want to continue things?

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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