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Monday, July 13, 2009

Got to....

I know I don't need to post this, but I'm really tired of my blog layout, so I'm going to be searching for a re-do, so for those of you who visit the actual blog, if some stuff starts looking funky and inconsistent, bear with me. I want to find one that allows me to have the blog entry run longer across the screen. I think I'm just hyper-focused on this extremely unimportant detail, so I don't have to write about anything. Such as how lousy I feel with the worst T.o.M. I've had in recent months sitting on top of me like an elephant. Just a few days and I'll be feeling better, I hope.

The Rambler....never called to confirm plans and then emailed the evening we were supposed to meet to say a client needed him. I couldn't hold back, I told him I'd expected to have heard from him before then and I'd already made other plans, to which he replied that he didn't know there was a deadline. Um 4pm on a Friday....yeah that's not when you tell someone what you're doing that evening. Not in my world at least. Sigh. He asked me not to contact him again, as if I would.

Sometime this week I am supposed to meet a skiing, multi-lingual baby boomer builder who has never been married and doesn't want kids, but he revealed that he's going to Chile for the month of August, so I really don't know what the point is to meet. I know, I should "just because, you never know," but he's thinking about going there to teach English next year, and he's trapped in a mortgage here he can't afford. Sounds exciting, but also maybe a little unstable. I am enough unstable for two. Haha.

Got to love myself. Got to get myself to the gym. Got to not eat for the wrong reasons. Got to keep my eye on the prize. Got to, got to, got to. I hate summer.


Sarah said...

Do you think there really are that many inconsiderate men out there? Like a lot of the decent ones were snatched up early on and now the dating pool is left with partially evolved losers who have yet to be taught how NOT to treat women? Or do we just have a superpower that lets us find these losers?

Carolina Girl said...

Some men seriously need dating etiquette. I mean, really??? I don't get it!

Hugs...ps thanks for those codes. I joined! Sigh. Here we go...

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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