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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Other Sloth

I don't really have to think hard to find something to write about. I told you, just wait, something will happen that will be too good to make up fictitiously.

Today at work one of the writers (mid-50s, female) walks into my work space, makes a point of interrupting my deep concentration, and asks me if I am going to the department picnic. I say no, because I have already taken that day off from work (really and truly as part of the mandatory PTO time off), long before they sprung the lovely, uncomfortable-zone-forced socialization picnic upon the department.

Her expression deflates like a balloon, and I think to myself, 'Wow, is she in love with me or what? Is she wanting to pick my brain for alternative adjectives, conjugate sentence structures, or wax poetically about effective sterilization of reagent components? If she's hitting on me, I'm going to be ill.'

Then, out of her mouth comes the confession, "I was hoping to find someone else who wouldn't be doing any of the physical activities. With my injured foot, I'm not going to be jumping around much."


Excuse me?

S-o-m-e-o-n-e else who wouldn't be d-o-i-n-g any of the p-h-y-s-i-c-a-l activities....


I opened my mouth to reply harshly, but then just let it go. I'd like to note for the record, that she did not go and ask any of the others in the vicinity, just me.

The Other Sloth/Gimp Girl/Luser - NOT!


#8 / 138
Wednesday, July 15
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 72
Average heart rate: 140
Max heart rate: 163
Workout mode: RANDOM mode level 18@3.0 mph
Calories: 901 Distance: 2.83 Time: 35:00

NOTE: I watched a bit of Jason Stratham in Transporter. I or II I have no idea, but it definitely increased my heart rate. So, just for kicks, I searched for him online and found the man offers his own workout routine. My God man. But his eating plan definitely sounded familiar to me: "No refined sugar or flour at all, ever. Bread and pasta are out, as are sweets of any kind. No fruit juices. No booze. "That's the hardest part right there," he says. His dessert every night is plain yogurt with fresh fruit."

I Ated It
whey protein shake
mini luna bar
1 gallon water
1 mini kamut flaxseed blueberry muffin

chicken breast, peppers, onions, Kashi 7-grain pilaf
sodium-free trail mix
24 ounces of fresh brewed unsweetened iced tea

NOTE: Contrary to Jason Stratham's advice and my own cautions about being a carb addict, I am trying to bring tiny bits of good grains back into my life. Not sure it is possible. 1/4th cup of anything hardly seems worth the calories, yet that it the correct one-serving portion for any starch.


Sarah said...

I wonder if these people know how rude they are? Chin up my dear, you know you could outrun her any day (with or without the broken foot).

Kimberly said...

Slapping her in the face woulda been not much of physical activity - therefore you would have not made her out to be a liar.

Jersey Girl said...

Do stupid people ever hear what they're saying??? What an ass.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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