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Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Affair

The weekend rocked. Green Day kicked my ass, and I can say how great it is to see a dedicated fan connection from the rock stars. Springsteen is in a league of his own, but Billie Joe from Green Day was really incredibly infectious in his delivery of energy.

I enjoyed getting to spend time with my nephew too. It is amazing that one day you're incredibly jealous that your sister is having a baby, and then you're rocking out with said 24-year old baby at a rock concert.

Of course fun in my life usually involves live music, tequila, and carbohydrates in their worst form. Nothing says fun like 5 lbs gained in 2 days. I rock the sloth lifestyle. There are photos to prove this, in the hands of the paparazzi. I am offering bribes for their non-disclosure.

And can I just say that flirting with a musician, albeit a married one, is 10,000 times stronger than flirting with a non-musician? So thanks to my dear high school friend for lending her husband to me. Don't worry, I'm working on getting my own husband musician!

Thanks to everyone tagging along on the dating escapades. Guitar guy....arrives in 17 days. We've been exchanging long emails and phone conversations. My main concern at this time is if he's a confident fellow and goes after what he wants in life. I think he does; after all he booked a plane ticket out here to meet me, but some things he's said about his job makes me wonder if he's not settling. Like I should talk, I'm only in it for the money myself. Speaking of money though, he does seem to understand how it all works. Particularly the stock market. Darling, you had me at "sell."

Something that I have to decide soon, is if he is staying with me or getting a hotel room. There are pros and cons to both. He said he would leave the decision to me, and wouldn't wish to do anything that would make me uncomfortable. I don't like being a hostess. But part of me thinks, he might as well get a load of what it is like living with two dogs and a cat. Do I want to scare him off? We all know the load he's going to get will be a load of pet hair.

But after suffering through Mr Listener's discomfort levels with the pet hair, I'm more inclined to just throw the next guy right into the fire. I also think if he stays at a hotel, I'll be more likely not to see him as much as I should. He's only here for 2 and 1/2 days...due to the distance factor, I feel like we have to really make the most of the time, and see if we are truly interested in a relationship or if this is only going to be friendship.

Speaking of which, I can't get Edward Cullen out of my head. Read Midnight Sun, and I really love how he just wanted nothing more than to kill Bella at first. I really really love that. I could relate. Oh, poor tortured soul. Poor masochistic lion. I have Breaking Dawn, but I'm torturing myself I guess by delaying to read it.

Has anyone ever burned their throat to be with you? OK so I guess I have a thing for damaged men. I wonder if Guitar guy from Chicago is too whole for my sensibilities. I wonder if my sensibilities can change, for my own good. I mean, come on, do I really want to be alone forever?


Sarah said...

My vote is for Guitar guy to stay at a hotel. You might meed some distance for a few hours and that's going to be hard to do if he's staying at your house.

Jen said...

I agree with Sarah on the hotel thing.

Ahh, so you've been reading Midnight Sun online have you - you are a hardcore Edward fan. lol

I think part of my fascination with Jacob IS his attitude - very much like my hubby's. I remember after he and I went on 2 dates, I needed a break from him because I had just come off a long relationship and didn't want him to be the rebound guy - his response "I can wait, 'cause I KNOW that when you are over him you are going to want me." At the time I was like, what an egomaniac, but now his confidence is one of the things that I find so attractive about him.

Sara Ann said...

you should read breaking dawn. it was my favorite.

Sara Ann said...
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Jersey Girl said...

Have to agree with Sarah. What if it turns out you really don't have chemistry face to face? You have no where to escape. Plus, you really don't know him. Just call me a wuss, but I would be a bit nervous wth him staying over.

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