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Friday, July 31, 2009

Not Breaking Dawn Yet

I sighed. You know, Edward, I've heard people refer to you "an emo kid who sparkles...."

Edward chuckled low, from where he sat in the corner of my living room, as if no insult could wound him after all he's been through, some of which I've yet to know. "That doesn't deny the fact that you want to be with me."

Yes, but....I'm not emo. (OK maybe I am a little bit. Can I be emo and almost 40? That is pathetic.) But more to the point, here's the thing....a real live guy is coming to visit me in 13 days, and....

"And what...?" Was there the slightest edge in his voice or had I imagined it? He can't be jealous, he has Bella after all.

Well, Edward, you're fictional.

"But I've never hurt you in any way like they all have..."

Technically, I suppose, although I could hold you not killing Bella outright as an affront to me. But I digress. What I'm trying to say is that...

"Your house is a mess, the garage is a mess, the backyard is a mess, and if you don't spend the weekend cleaning it, you're going to get stressed out, and then you're going to go eat a lot of really bad takeout?"

I frowned. Um, yes. Actually. Exactly. Damn vampire reading my thoughts.

Edward grinned suddenly, "Perfect."

I kept frowning, hating to disappoint my innermost escapist nature even if it is slothlike.

"I'll be your reward."

Hmm. You're sure? You're not going to disappear?

"I'm a fictional monster you're in love with...I've got nothing but time."

And that is how I talked myself into waiting to start Breaking Dawn, though it is driving me mad. I know I'm late on the curveball here anyway, so what's a little more time in the dark?

I am going to organize the garage and put together a 3-drawer unit from California Closet that I bought 4 freaking years ago. About time, don't you think?

And I just *might* go see The Ugly Truth.

For those who have called the mental ward: Don't worry, I don't really see Edward or talk out loud to Edward. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Did anyone see Stranger Than Fiction? Love that movie!


#13 / 138
Thursday, July 30
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 76
Average heart rate: 143
Max heart rate: 163
Workout mode: RANDOM mode level 19@2.8 mph (last 15 min 3.0)
Calories: 911 Distance: 2.76 Time: 65:00

NOTE: Level 19 has yet to be fully mastered. It still kicks my ass, which is good, because there's only one level after it.

I Ated It
BodyFortress Whey Protein (chocolate)
Bluebran vitatop muffin top
TGI Friday's Dragonfire Chicken (437 fantastic calories, but 44 g of carbs)
2 TGI Friday's breadsticks (bad news!)
2 Dove Promises dark chocolate w/ almonds squares
1 gallon water
12 ounces of unsweetened iced tea

NOTE: Out to lunch I ordered the lowest calorie item on the menu. This was a big step for me, because the burgers were really screaming my name. I didn't feel full at the end, but I verbally talked myself out of that feeling. It was all mental and 20 minutes later, I didn't feel hungry.


S. said...

When I read Twilight I was actually coincidentally driving through Forks (I live in Seattle) and that book made my heart ache for weeks. It was right when the movie came out and I still haven't seen it because I'm afraid it will leave me too sad and lonely. :-)

♥georgie♥ said...

LOVE the twilight inserts!

yes I saw stranger than fiction-great movie

LiLu said...

Oh, I'll totally see it. Why not... it's all just fun :-)

Donna C said...

I love your Edward conversations...so much fun! :-)

Ugly Truth looks hysterical. If I can get myself to the movies, I may go see that. Otherwise, it'll get added to Netflix...as most movies I intend to see do.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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