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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The New Layout

Just a few words about the layout redesign. I'm pretty annoyed that there aren't many template choices that allow for a stretching of the entry space. So this one will have to do. And I think it does nicely enough.

The image above in the new header is so important to me that I almost didn't post it. As if using it in the blog would somehow trivialize it. But then again, I wanted the frequent reminder. It will be the last tattoo I get. And I will not get it until I've lost the weight, which will be the equivalent of essentially rising from the ashes like the phoenix. I've had this image for a few years. I know exactly where it'll be on my body, and I know it will be the last tattoo I ever get because it will signify the single most important act yet to accomplish. And 3 tats are enough. So I might be 50 when I get it, but I will get it!

I didn't go to the gym. I wrapped myself up in Eclipse, and I cooked all day for the week ahead. I cooked chicken, summer squash and onions, and the great new rice blend I had last week. Unfortunately, as a result of all the cooking, I didn't eat too much. I know, it doesn't make sense.

I Ated It
Lots of iced tea
scrambled eggs
1 slice of sprouted bread (this stuff rocks)
summer squash and onions

NOTE: I don't suggest anyone follow my example of eating. Horrible, not nearly enough protein. But I'm not hungry. And I'm not going to force myself to eat.

On a final note, I learned today about the lawsuit against Kimkins. And I laughed. Hard. I still thank that concept that scammer started though...it got me on the track to losing something at the beginning. Of course, it just couldn't be sustained. But I never felt any side effects from the diet, like some have claimed (hair loss, fainting, liver problems). Of course, I realize there are important carbs as well as really bad, useless carbs. I'm not sure I ever would have learned that if I hadn't experienced the Kimkins way first. Sometimes you have to learn the wrong things in order to find the right things.


butterfly said...

Talk about an incentive! Care to share where you're planning on getting this tatt?

It's great to be able to sincerely feel that "I'm not hungry so I won't eat just because".

How are you enjoying Eclipse?

Sarah said...

I love the tat design. Beautiful!

Jersey Girl said...

Ok. Gotta ask. What's the significance of the tats?

Carolina Girl said...

LOVE the new design..and you WILL get that tat before 50. It's so beautiful!

I'm glad kimkims founder is going down. That plan was so unhealthy. She made a fortune off of it!

I wonder why you aren't getting my tweets? Sometimes I wonder if I'm getting your DM's? Twitter is so weird.

Yes, I danced with a youngin! Just call me cougar mama! My friend took a pic, if she sends to me I'll post it. It was good to go out this weekend. It helps me forget. Until I get home. In my bed. Alone. Ergh. Isn't that how the story always goes??

Happy Monday. Meh. lol

LiLu said...

Love the tat!

And I never get enough protein... I try to at least after I work out, but other than that, I'm pretty much a fail. Sigh.

you're like butter to me

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