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Friday, July 24, 2009

Edward and Mortals

I splashed water on my face, let out a sigh, and looked up into the mirror. Startled at what I saw there, I froze save for my eyelids. Blink, blink blink. Look at those dark circles under my eyes.

"You look worse than I've ever looked... like you haven't hunted in months..."

Hmm. Edward's voice so soft, like a gentle breeze grazing against my earlobe.

This is what happens when you read vampire books one after the other. You cease to exist in other ways. You take on the resemblance of the subject matter. You start to imagine him in your head.

"Perhaps your friends would like to hear the latest developments in your life...?"

Hmm. Perhaps they would Edward, perhaps they would. But, it's just a guy. OK, two guys. But it isn't as if they're like you or anything. And I've got to finish reading Midnight Sun, it is calling to me, you are calling to me. Finally I can read about you without that annoying twit's insecurity weighing everything down.

Edward chuckled, the tip of his tongue touched the roof of his mouth, which made the chuckle have a bit of a kick to it, like a tsk tsk sound.

"I'm not going anywhere...I like brunettes, remember?"

Should I start at the beginning or just give them the lowdown?

"Every story has a beginning..." Edward said before he pushed his weight off the door frame and slipped into the darkness, at least for a moment.

Right. The beginning. Of the latest segment anyway.


After coaching two blogger friends to join (because I'm a pushy bitch I guess?), I thought what the hell; I also joined eHarm(ony) or as I prefer to call it e-Harmless. Because honestly, that's how it feels at the bargain basement price of $30/3 months. I said I would never pay for a dating site again, after the 6-month ChemistryNOT debacle. I was pretty content over at my free site, OKCupid, but I was curious like a cat.

A-n-y-w-a-y....I rationalized that it was a harmless move because with the personality profile so extensive (honestly it was like in-depth psychoanalysis) and the guided communication format taking approximately weeks for guys to complete, I'd be lucky to find anyone compatible or with enough patience to get through it all. And if they did, then perhaps they were worthy of the prize of meeting me. I was pretty much laughing in the face of dating, much as Bella might laugh in the face of danger: with a whimper and a half-bravehearted smile, knowing she'd probably epically fail.

And something odd happened. What do you know. Very real men with very real responses. And very real open communication. And very real but honest rejections. And then some with very real interest. With real strong, noticeable compatibility.

Testing, testing...
I iz on Candid Camera?
Iz mic on?

And so this brings us to Guitar Chicago and Doc Hawaii.

Long distance yes. I'm a pro, remember? Don't try this at home kiddies.

Guitar Chicago is a fellow Sagittarian with the same birth day as my mother, and gets all the Vince Vaughn jokes from The Breakup. Sent me a photo out his office window of the water tour boats. Sends me guitar riffs he records (just for fun, he doesn't gig out) and understands the beauty of a lyric. Says music makes his world go around. Swoon. How's that for passion? He's also a financial analyst by day, sold his condo before it became impossible, lived in the SAME Jersey town I live in for 2 months, and thinks it'd be great to open up a dog-walking business together. Excuse me?

Today he surprised me with an invitation to Vegas. Yes. Vegas. As in "Would you like to go to Vegas with me for the weekend?" Imagine? I said no before I realized he was treating. But of course, I should have said no anyway, right? Right, because that's not a first date. Well....not in my world at least. After much discussion, which flows like we've known each other for years, including jokes and banter like we're already a couple (SO odd), we agreed we should meet in a more low-key fashion and then go to Vegas later. So, instead, he's coming to Jersey, purchased his plane ticket and sent me the itinerary tonight. I am stunned. August 13. Just.to.meet.me.

Yes, I'm excited. About time something happened to this Sagittarian; my flesh is starting to rot.

Doc Hawaii. Doesn't have a photo up yet because he can't figure out how to download the photos off his camera to his computer. Anesthesiologist who just bought an actress' former house on the coast in Hilo. (I think I just heard my sister shout out loud from three states away.) The fact that he feels the need to tell me it is an actress' former house gives me some insight to his vanity though. Grew up in New York and has been all over the world. Sometimes he works 17 days straight, but he's made quite an effort to communicate with me so far. Including after a 32-hour shift. Wonder why he divorced his nurse/wife. Grey's Anatomy anyone?

I know what you're thinking. I'm thinking it too. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Still, it is fun to talk to this guy. He has a nice voice and a great sense of humor. Yes, I've googled last name, phone, etc. Yes, he's real. No scammer here. We'll see what happens. I don't think I'm doctor wife companion material, and what would this blizzard baby do in Hawaii? Sure, the back of my mind says "Go skiing in Lake Tahoe anytime you want..." but still....tropical humidity and me don't get along. And the dogs would have to take one very slow boat to the island because I'm not putting them on a plane. Ever.


OK, Edward, that fantasy is taken care of now. Can I return to reading your thoughts?


A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

He's in control of people's waking and sleeping moments in an OR and he can't figure out how to upload photos to his computer....is this not an example of how the uber intelligent are sometimes mundanely incapable of survival in society?

S. said...

I've been reading your blog for a big and I have to say, I love hearing about your dating adventures! I'm single too, and less brave than you are, so at least I can live vicariously! :-) Can't wait to read more.

Sarah said...

I'm liking Guitar guy so far. I think Vegas would have been too much pressure for a first meeting, but the fact that he's already purchased a plane ticket to visit you is a great sign. Sounds like he's serious as opposed to just playing around.

I have reservations about Doc Hollywood. My suspicious mind says there's another reason he hasn't uploaded a photo. My feeling? If I can figure out how to download photos from my camera and upload them to eHarm, surely this MD can do it too. Can't he send you a picture with his phone? Who doesn't have a camera on their phone these days? Something doesn't add up.

So have you finished Breaking Dawn yet? I'm working on Midnight Sun now. I love it from Edward's perspective.

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Thanks S. Nice to know you're here. And Sarah...I don't know, when you talk to Doc Hawaii you can tell he just isn't very inclined. I know some CEOs who can run a company but can't figure out how to use Outlook. I asked about camera phone. Nope. He says he's figuring out the camera these days because he's been taking photos of the renovations at the new house....we'll see....

Graciela said...

Yee Haa! Sounds like 2 good prospects.

Don't judge the doc by the fact that he can't figure out how to download pics. I used to work in an anesthesiology department and they are so smart & focused on their work that they wouldn't necessarily know how to do anything techie that wasn't directly related to their work.

And you know what's weird? One of the anesthesiologist docs I used to work for (this was in the late 70's back in Iowa) moved to Hilo! How old is this guy? I don't remember if the guy I knew was married to a nurse (although I do remember that he was married).

As for Guitar Guy...I'm impressed that he's already bought his ticket to see you! My only concern is that if you and he don't hit it off, will he be staying with you? I'm thinking of that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine couldn't get rid of that guy who was staying with her.

Anyway, exciting stuff. And I love the way you write about it...

S. said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! At your prompting I added a follower thingy so you may follow away! :-) Oh, and while I do sometimes laugh at your dating adventures, a lot of times I just have bad date flashbacks! :-) The guy who slapped your hand when you reached for food??? Priceless.

Jen said...

I've missed your dating adventures while I've been (hiding) away from my blog.
And, you're an Edwardy eh? I'm a Jacob lover myself - I like my men hot!!! lol

♥georgie♥ said...

Vanity isnt that one of the 7 deadly sins?
Loved the edward intro...yummmm

you're like butter to me

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