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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weekend Reality Check

The Connecticut Paparazzi have posted the following images of me in my sunburned tequila state. They claim I actually wielded the camera on the 1st two shots, but I claim no knowledge. *ahem* All I can say is I had no idea I could be that shiny. Yes, tequila makes you sweat. Note to self: drink tequila only in the winter. I did, however, know I could be that fat. Just hate to see the evidence of it.

I have to say my high school friends look fabulous as ever. 22 years.....wow....sorry gals, I just had to say it!

I shared these photos with Guitar guy from Chicago. He thanked me but didn't say anything about the photos themselves.

Part of me hopes it will scare him away, but I learned yesterday his ticket is non-refundable. Well, he cannot claim I haven't been completely honest and upfront with him. What you see is what you get buddy, but you also get my humorous outlook on life, my wild interest in the bedroom, and my generous open heart. Hmmmm. Is he a guy who will recognize that? We'll just have to see.

Anyone watching More to Love? Why do I feel like the contestants are single rejects from The Biggest Loser? I don't think I can watch it, but I'm not sure I can look away from checking in to see how the train wreck progresses. Sadly, those are someone's daughters, sisters, cousins, etc. I don't think I could be on that. Well, I know I couldn't; I can't even walk in heels.


#11 / 138
Tuesday, July 28
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 81
Average heart rate: 149
Max heart rate: 127
Workout mode: RANDOM mode level 18@2.8 mph
Calories: 840 Distance: 2.58 Time: 65:00

NOTE: Back in the gym. It wasn't tough once I was there and I purposely took it slow, but I was like a toddler kicking and screaming to get myself there. Obviously, if I were at goal weight, one wild weekend wouldn't matter. But when I'm trying to lose, one wild weekend is like being set back an entire month. It takes a month to lose 5 lbs........but the laughter and good feelings were worth 5 lbs.......


♥georgie♥ said...

I did watch a lil bit of 'More to Love' and I just felt really sad for the women...

Sarah said...

"I can't even walk in heels"

NO WAY! That's exactly what I thought when I saw the show. I could never be on there because I can't walk in heels. Too funny!

Carolina Girl said...

LOVE the pics!!! You won't scare him away...and if he acts weird or what not, then his loss sister! TRUST ME! *mental note to keep telling myself that too)

Good job on the gym...and I agree about 5 pounds being worth the laughs and good times. Sometimes we just gotta let our hair down and go wild. =)

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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