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Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Flowers

~Happy Friday. I just wanted to make your day better.~

That was the note from Chicago guy. The note that was attached to the flowers. The flowers that were delivered and waiting beautifully at my front door when I came home from work today.

Oh. My.

No reason.

Just wanted to make my day better.

And my day wasn't even bad.

But it sure felt all sorts of awwwwesome to get flowers from Chicago!

The basket is so large that I can barely fit my head in the photo.

And upon my thanking him, he said, "Seeing that smile is all I needed to make my Friday great."


I'm grinning like a banshee. Is this for realz? Seriously, where's the hidden camera?

12 more days.


I Ated It
BodyFortress Whey Protein (chocolate)
Bluebran vitatop muffin top
1/4 cup Kashi Moroccan pilaf (aka I can't believe I ate lentils)
grilled chicken breast
egg white omelet with summer squash, onions, green peppers
1 piece sprout Ezekiel bread with 1 tblsp Smart Balance chunky PB
2 Dove Promises dark chocolate w/ almonds squares
1 gallon water
12 ounces of unsweetened iced tea

NOTE: I am really enjoying the fresh veggies this summer. And I have been so nervous about adding good carbs into the eating plan, but it seems to have gone well. Unfortunately, I do feel the hunger monster again (in the morning and again at about 3), whereas for the past 2 years, I haven't felt hunger at all. That's a little disturbing. I know it is the carbs. I have to learn to be OK with that.


S. said...

Wow. That's awesome! I can't wait to hear how it all goes. :-)

♥georgie♥ said...

I think i wanna divorce my hubby and start dating again....justsoicangetflowerstoo!
They are beautiful just like you! what a sweet guy! I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one

LiLu said...

Chicago guy? I am a fan. :-)

Jersey Girl said...

I know how nice it is to get flowers and how excited ypu are about this guy. But, PLEASE, be careful. Maybe I watch too many true crime stories on tv about women meeting men on the internet. I hope he does turn out to be the greatest; just be aware. Okay?

Sarah said...

So sweet!

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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