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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dating Recap

The date with blue-eyed Jersey Boy was good to go on, but rather run of the mill overall. Not worthy of a ManBearPig comment.

The bonus for me was that I ate well at a restaurant. Salad, garlic marinade grilled shrimp, and broccoli.

My biggest complaint:

Why do men (or women for that matter) think it is acceptable to rant about their exes so much, especially on a first date? What do they think it is accomplishing or sharing? To me, it just comes right back to the same question: If EX was that horrible, why in the world did you marry/move in with EX? The past two guys have even admitted that they "knew something wasn't quite right but married anyway." It makes me feel as though they have poor judgment, or they tend to think negatively and cannot see the good of situations.

What felt good:
  • We shared some laughs.
  • I beat him by two strokes in mini golf.
  • Seems proud of his family business.
  • We shared some stories about growing up Polish (babcias and chruĊ›ciki) and Italian.
  • He thanked me for an enjoyable evening, on his "43rd birthday eve."
  • He kissed me, rather than me kissing him.

What felt slightly odd/off:
  • He's medium build, my height. I felt huge.
  • Many *crickets* (aka awkward silences).
  • Vulgar language about ex.
  • Gave up way too much information about divorce and ex, including $ figures.
  • He doesn't drink.
  • He was overly interested in my food selection.
  • He's been in 7 passion plays and regrets not pursuing an acting career.
  • Believes James Caviezel has been touched by God.
  • Several times when I was looking at him, he said "What...."
  • Named his son after his favorite musician: Just(in) Elvis.
  • He split the bill.
  • He didn't compliment me at all.
  • No fireworks in the kiss.
So, the odd/offs outweigh the good, but if he asked me out again, would I go? I don't know. I had to pay my own way. How much of a date is that? And you know how Steve Harvey says that when men first meet you, they immediately have a plan? Well, I got the feeling when we first hugged hello, Jersey Boy's only plan with me was to bang, to bang.


Soxy Deb said...

But she don't bang, she don't bang.

Friend material you think? Or are you not interested in pursuing a friendship with him?

I only had a minute, but I wanted to make sure you know I'm checkin in on ya! Sox won today!! Yanks lost = bright side!

Carolina Girl said...

Well, he sounds nice enough. But for some reason I'm a real stickler for a man paying on the first date. Even if there are not sparks, it's the nice thing to do! Good job in kicking his booty in mini golf =)

"she bangs, she bangs..."

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

The man has little time for friendship I suspect. As it is, the person he dates would only get to see him about two or three times a month, unless they're going to go into the family business with him.

Sarah said...

So off-putting when they talk about exes. Makes me think they are still hung up on them.

I don't think I'd be happy if he only had a couple times a month to spend with me.

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