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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday F___

Erf. I'm so done with Grey's Anatomy and LOST for the summer! Enough despair! I cannot cry anymore. If 24 makes me cry on Monday, I will be so pissed off.

Anyway, I've posted those youthful photos of myself. And I apologize to my dear old friends who were in the photos. I didn't want to post your image without your consent, so I cropped or blurred you out. But you know I love you and I think you're more gorgeous than me by far.

  • I am feeling rebellious.
  • I wish I had a date to go on.
  • I would like to have a Long Island Iced Tea but don't want the wasted calories.
  • I would like to have a steak, medium rare, but again, would probably cause a gain.
  • I wish I could stop thinking about what to eat.
  • I wish the gym produced more results, faster. (Yes, I'm impatient and crazy.)
  • I wish the F.A.T. programs in my body would turn off.

I wish you all a fun Friday.


Thursday, May 14
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 78
AVERAGE heart rate: 132
Max heart rate: 152
Workout mode: RANDOM Level 17 @ 2.8 mph
Calories: 817 Distance: 2.71 Time: 65:00

Note: Enjoying the groove.


Carolina Girl said...

Mmm steak. *sigh* I wish we could take a night off of thinking about weight loss and I'd say meet me at Ruth's Chris (where I also wish I could not worry about $$$) and we'd pig out on the biggest steak they have. oh and a huge cheesecake too.

*Wake up from my dream* Then we'd throw up but it would be fun! LOL

Graciela said...

OMG...I think we had the same prom dress...purple and lacy. And mine was in 1971! I guess the styles just recycle. Maybe I'll post my picture just for laughs.

Well, you were a hottie then, but I've seen your more recent pics too, and you're still a hottie!

Sarah said...

Oh we're definitely going to have to bring out the tissues tonight for Jack. Either he's going to die (huge sobs) or Kim is going to save him (slightly smaller sobs). It's inevitable.

P.S. Your prom dress kinda looks like a wedding cake. So cute!

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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