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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The MBP Virtual Vent

The ManBearPig
Virtual Venting Bar
Is Open!

I have been bestowed an award
for ignoring ManBearPig (formerly, Mr Listener)!
I love you Sweden!

In honor of this honor,
I've decided to offer up something similar to
(and inspired by) Georgie's Monthly Confessional...

The ManBearPig
Virtual Venting Bar
Is Open!

So pull up a virtual bar stool,
order a drink from the bartender,
and share your very own
past & present ManBearPig stories,
right here on this dedicated page.

Let it out, ladies!
Be anonymous or not,
(I do not track ISPs)
tell us your worst nightmare date,
your horrid boyfriend story,
or whatever else having to do
with ManBearPigs
you simply want to get off your mind.

Please, I beg you,
make a comment
and vent away!


A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

OK I will take a Long Island Iced Tea in honor of PT Guy living out there. I tried! I forgave him. I gave him another chance. And...PT Guy flaked, as we knew he would. He did at least contact me, but his excuse was SO lame: "I've been sick all week and working 16 hour days." Um....so? Why did you make plans with me then!? So he said, "I hope to see you soon," even though I had warned him very clearly that he had one shot. So I wrote back, "Maybe in the next lifetime, if you don't return as a slug. Good luck learning to communicate and respect others."

Sarah said...

I think my worst was the guy who got distant and then dumped me by saying that he just found out he had a kid and things were stressful. The way he told me it was painfully obvious it was a huge lie. Grow a pair Dude! Be a man and tell me the truth. That hurts a lot less in the long run.

Soxy Deb said...

Um...lemme see...
Mike is a poopy head. Sometimes. That's all I have today. I'll come back though when I really wanna LAY INTO HIM!

I love your response to shit for brains though. Oh, I'm sorry. We're not calling him that are we? My bad.

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

At the exact time we were supposed to meet today, PT Guy messages me: "Enjoy your life..." *blink* Now, I haven't shed a tear over Mr Listener, a guy I spent every day for almost 3 months getting to know and spending time with him and his son. But that message from PT Guy just caused the waterworks to open up like Niagara Falls. WTF. Yes, Mr Personal Trainer God, I will enjoy my life. Without you! Uuuuugggghhhhh!

Graciela said...

When I was in college, I went through a spell of really creepy boyfriends. One I remember in particular:
Way too early in the relationship (after only having gone on about 4 dates), one guy told me he loved me. Shortly afterwards, when I reciprocated the sentiment, he immediately got really distant. When I tried to call him after I hadn’t heard from him for a few days, he accused me of stalking him. A few days after that, I went to a local bar that I had actually introduced him to, and there he was with another girl, making out in one of the booths. I’m sure he took her there because there was a good probability that I’d show up.

I think I left the bar crying. If I were single now and anything like this happened to me, I’d probably just go up and throw a drink in his face. Asshole. I still get mad when I think about this guy. I heard a few years later that he was in prison for burglary. I remember hoping that he had a big, mean, and very amorous roommate; it would have served him right.

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Graciela - Ewwwww! Good revenge wishes!

Carolina Girl said...

well I'm still angry at Mr. P and I just want that to all go away! I want my life to be normal again. And I HATE feeling insecure now. So just once I wish he would feel the way I felt! I worry that he is no longer attracted to me and I can't STAND feeling that way. I want to have the "power" in the relationship, to feel wanted. And I used to feel that way. Sigh. MANBEARPIGS!!!!

Carolina Girl said...

Oh and I'll take a Bloody Mary please. :)

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Tequila sunrise please...

As I reached for chips (this was a Mex place...chips and salsa on the table)...

He tapped my hand away. Once.

I blinked.

Thought he was....I don't know...joking? I half-smiled and reached again.

He tapped my hand away again.

I looked at him incredulously, with all my wrinkled brow clearly showing.

I said, "That tactic isn't going to work with me..."

He just smiled and would have said something but the waitress showed up.

Mind you, I've never discussed my eating plan, my exercise plan, or even really my weight loss goals (outside of telling him I'm at the gym a lot).

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

I don't want a drink with this one, I'll just take some water...

"If we lived together I would make your dietary intake a point of discipline, control and reward. You are one of the MOST beautiful woman I've ever known but your body betrays that stunning, near perfect porcelain like complexion of your angelic face. I so wanted to mold you into the beauty I see."

Wow dude. Wow.

I'm not walking away. I'm running.

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

I'll take some Turkish Raki for this drink. International Asshole of Mystery deleted my number from his phone because I'm a "strange unkind woman." I love it.

Carolina Girl said...

I'll take a dirty martini please. No reason, just cause!

Carolina Girl said...


That is all.


A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

I will take some 18 year old Glen Livet for this encounter with L today. While I sing my own version of "OUR SONG," that he used to play for me (with apologies to Bad Company):

"Baby, when I think about you,
I feel like throwwwwwwwing uuuuuup
Darlin, to live without you,
Is such a pluuuuuuuus
feel like
feel like
feel like
throwwwwwwwwin uuuuuupppppp..."

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

To toast to the experience with Chicago, I'll take a dirty martini with some DOG HAIR in it!

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

You'll never guess who emailed me...PERSONAL TRAINER GUY! WTF?! I cannot write about him anymore than I already have. LMAO. I think I need a wheatgrass smoothie, someone please!?

you're like butter to me

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