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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Egg White Crustless Quiche

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Egg White Crustless Quiche


Of course, you can make it anyway you want, but here's what I did.

Egg white equivalent of 6 eggs
1/4 cup paramesan cheese

Sweat the veggies of your choice over low heat. I actually also blotted mine with paper towels to get out extra moisture. Put them into your oven-safe heavy casserole dish.

Mix the egg whites, olive oil, and cheese by hand. Pour over veggies. Add spices that you desire.

30 minutes was about 5 minutes too long in my oven but a little crispy doesn't bother me. At least it was firm when I cut into it which was my biggest fear.

How is it different from an omelet? Well, it isn't really. But I was bored. So there ya go. I avoided any milk or cream as that is just not going to be low cal or low carb enough. But I would make this again, with different ingredients each time.

This cut into 6 pieces nicely. Don't ask me the calories for each one. My answer: not much but good source of protein.

It is going to be a long hot summer and I'm not going to want to cook much.


Friday, May 15
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 72
AVERAGE heart rate: 137
Max heart rate: 154
Workout mode: RANDOM Level 18 @ 2.6 mph
Calories: 810 Distance: 2.61 Time: 65:00

Note: Let's face it, the only reason I went to the gym is because I don't have a social life. Back to feeling the way I felt before I met Mr Listener. I've been experimenting with different paces. 2.6 and 2.8 seem almost no difference in terms of calories calculated or heart rates reached. Interesting.


Lila said...

This looks awesome! I made something like this with egg beaters, sundried tomatoes and spinach, it was pretty good too. I microwaved pieced with with a bit of lf cheese on top, and it was pretty yummy too.

Carolina Girl said...

Yum. I'm making this soon. I could eat that for dinner too!

I'm mad at myself for "dicking around" and not going to the gym. It closes at 2 PM. So think I am (make that I AM) going to do my Billy Blanks DVD. Lord help me.


Sarah said...

I'm in a funk. Too bad we don't live closer. I'd totally go to the gym with you. Probably.

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