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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shoe Sizes

Well, something interesting happened over the weekend.

I became so tired, I could only stay awake for a few hours at a time. I had to sleep. A lot. So much sleep that I couldn't even make it to the gym. I'm trying not to overthink it.

And...I went shoe shopping. I haven't been shoe shopping in about 2 years. Pathetic I know. And I sat down to try on my shoe size, the same shoe size I've been for as long as I could remember.

And they were too big.

Yes. Apparently, when you lose weight, you can go down a shoe size! Anyone else know this? I am amazed.

And thrilled. Happy me, size 8!


Monday, May 18
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 73
AVERAGE heart rate: 144
Max heart rate: 167
Workout mode: RANDOM Level 18 @ 2.8 mph
Calories: 875 Distance: 2.79 Time: 65:00

Note: Pretty good workout, despite the crush of people on the machines. One year ago I wouldn't have been able to exercise with all those people running around me.


Willow said...

Yep. I've gone from an 8 1/2 to a 9 1/2 in the last 5 years.
Can't wait to be an 8 1/2 again!

Carolina Girl said...

That's so funny, I went shoe shopping this weekend too. And yes, that happened to me except the other way around. I used to be a 7.5 and then I went to an 8.5 when I gained weight. Looking forward to getting back to that 7.5 someday! LOL

Your body was definitely fighting something off. Good you listened.

Sarah said...

Hooray for new shoes!!!

Donna C said...

YES! Same thing happened to me the last time I lost weight. All of a sudden I was a size 8. Of course, I ended up back where I started (weight wise) & back to a size 9. Maybe I'm on my way back to a size 8 too....

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