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Friday, June 19, 2009

CNA - Closed!

So Mr CNA "informed" me via voicemail yesterday (first contact since Saturday) that he would like to spend Friday night and Saturday night with me (Friday night in my area and Saturday night in his area).

So I had to make the dreaded phone call. And I was as straightforward and honest as only a Sagittarian can be. OK, so what I really mean is that I was blunt. I told him that he'd lost me the moment he slapped my hand at the table like a child. I told him he needed to keep his hands to himself, and that if he felt that he knew me well enough to even joke like that, then he was mistaken.

He was so surprised there was silence. Then he said I was overreacting. And again...the words "overly sensitive" were used to describe me. Hmmm, sounds like deja vu Mr Listener, doesn't it? OK....

Well, fair enough, I guess I am sensitive when it comes to food. But he didn't know that when he reached out and slapped my hand, did he? No. So that doesn't excuse the behavior.

So the conversation ended with "best wishes," etc. and I felt bummed out in many ways and crawled onto the couch for "NJ housewives" entertainment.

This morning, I got an email from him, and this paragraph must be shared (and is going into the Virtual Vent!):

"If we lived together I would make your dietary intake a point of discipline, control and reward. You are one of the MOST beautiful woman I've ever known but your body betrays that stunning, near perfect porcelain like complexion of your angelic face. I so wanted to mold you into the beauty I see."

Wow dude. Wow.

I'm not walking away. I'm running.

P.S. Meeting a new guy tonight to watch the Red Sox game. Yay, a single Red Sox guy in NJ! We're going to wear our gear and shout proudly at the TV (providing we can get them to turn it on for us) in the midst of Yankee and Mets fans. So if you read any headlines tomorrow that begin with "Two Red Sox fans..." hopefully the rest will read "fought their way out from a pack of rabid Yankee fans..."


Donna C said...

Wow....I'm just speechless after reading what Mr. CNA (jerk!) wrote... UNBELEIVABLE! NEXT!!

Good luck w/the Red Sox date tonight. And enjoy the rare bit of sun... We're seeing it too - only to be replaced by day after day of rain coming up. UGH!

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Red Sox fan was a nice guy, but a kid at 27 years old. Very knowledgeable about baseball, but quick to shout at the players. Like when Lowell missed a grounder, he shouted "Do you want to keep your job?" I thought that was a little harsh. But still, definitely someone to watch a game with now and then. We actually found 2 other fans at the sports bar. Quite a group of commiseration considering the game sucked soooo badly.

Graciela said...

In the fire biz, compressed natural gas is referred to as CNG. When I saw your nickname for this idiot CNA, my brain jumped automatically to a nickname for him: Certfied Natural Asshole.

Carolina Girl said...

I can NOT believe he wrote that. WOW. He sounds downright scary. A control freak. Like you said, RUN!

So glad you turned him down on the phone though. I think that's awesome, and a nice DING to his ego. Which is probably what prompted that last email. You got the last word, no worries!

Sarah said...

"discipline, control and reward" Like a freakin pet? Buy a houseplant buddy and control that. I think it's the only way to keep your testicles attached to your body.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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