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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pfft Manage This!

T.o.M. is lurking like a shark...

(Click photo to read the captions.)

All that I can say about management II training is repetitive of what I felt from the first course:
  • I do not want to be a manager, at least, not of people other than myself.
  • I am an observer, nurturer, follower type.
  • I'd like to sit in a circle, hold hands, and sing kumbai.
And.....unlike last year, they are not feeding us. Not even water. Worse than I thought. They've made such cutbacks on ridiculous things that they cannot even feed us captive prisoners, which means they expect us to purchase our own lunches. This is a HUGE global conglomerate people. Poor management 101, right there.

It works in my favor so I can bring my own lunch, but I barely have enough time to eat it after going back to my cube, heating it up, and dodging the 50 people who have been lying in wait for me like I'm some A-list celeb and they're the paparazzi. I had to actually tell people "I'm not really here sorry" yesterday. Where did I put my invisible cape?

I have spent my evenings catching up on work...of course....about 6 hours or so. No gym for me. Wah.

At least my Soxy boys kicked some Yanker ass last night. Game 2 on Wednesday, game 3 on Thursday.

Bring it on New York, bring it unto the House of Fenway. We shall take all that you have to give and we shall deliver you a Boston-style Beat Down!

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Sarah said...

Does saying "I'm not really here" work? I'm going to try that today. I bet my boss would fall for it.

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