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Sunday, June 28, 2009

BS Central

I'm a frustrated, pissed-off, and aggravated camper at the moment.

Ironically, I've started a 10-day stress cleanse today. Not a colon cleanse, although the instructions say you may notice a change in bathroom behavior.

There's an in-depth review linked to the photo with a list of ingredients. Let me tell you, I need the cleanse. There is probably more cortisol floating around my body than anyone else I know. Except perhaps my mother. She holds onto stress with a vise grip.

Alrighty, so let's get the list off my ever-diminishing, dwindling chest, shall we?

I'm sure you'll find my rantings amusing and simply "the stuff life throws at you," but honestly, these are the little things that make me feel like life isn't worth trying to live "to the best of your ability."

First on the list, AT&T, Asurion Insurance, and every other mobile phone network provider.

I've been a LONG-time customer of AT&T. I was with them before Cingular, I suffered through Cingular, and rejoiced when they became AT&T again. Having said that, if I could leave them today, I would. Why? Because they treat my loyalty like shit. I have been with a half-life smart phone for a week now. It is my only phone. Sometimes people can hear me, sometimes they can't. Sometimes text messages go through, sometimes they don't. This isn't any reflection on the service; it is directly related to the fact that I killed the Blackberry. I freely admit this. ALL I WANT IS ANOTHER PHONE. Surfing the web site, I see there are refurb'd BBs for $40.00 - FANTASTIC! But, no, not for ME, the loyal customer, but for newcomers.

For me, there are only phones for $350, and non-BBs for about $170. Why? What did I DO to be discriminated against? I will let the lovely Wirefly explanation tell you...

"Unfortunately, we cannot process your request for a contract extension / upgrade for (phone number) at this time. AT&T has informed us that your phone is not eligible for a contract extension until 10/30/2009. As a result, we cannot process your request to extend your contract and purchase a new phone at a discounted price. As soon as you become eligible for an upgrade, we will send you an email with a link to our hottest offers."

What the bloody fuck. You take your long-time, loyal customer, with a problem phone, and you DON'T allow them a discounted phone until a certain time? WHY!? What does the company gain by doing that? Other than create a completely pissed-off customer, I can't see how they benefit.

The phone is 3 weeks out of warranty. It survived 13 months in my life. And now my choices are to see if it can limp along until the end of October, get another number with a new contract, or buy a $350+ replacement. Ha. Yeah. Right.

And insurance? Forget it. No longer worthwhile to have. I paid for months and months for insurance and when it comes time to take advantage of it, they inform me that it could take up to a month and $175 or more to replace the phone. And they said they have the right to deny the claim. On principle alone I canceled the claim. So clearly, you think the two companies are working together to eeek money out of people or am I being too jaded? That just sounds like how business is done in my opinion.

OK. So step up to the next issue on the list...getting new tires for the RAV4. Simple checkup while getting oil changed indicates the tread is pretty low on the tires. Sure, I expected this actually. I drive over 75 miles a day. So I get a few estimates and turns out the same place that changed the oil has the lowest price. It is steep overall at $700 but necessary. So biting the bullet, I call ahead on Thursday to make sure the written estimate is in their system, price etc, and stock is on hand. Yup, yup, yup. All good. Set it up for this morning. Oh....show up there, and guess what? They've only got 2 of the tires on hand. OK....so can they put the 2 on? No. Only if my old 2 are the same brand/tread, otherwise apparently "the transmission can be burned out." What? Whatever. So I said OK....I can come back in on Friday. Great. Oh but wait, Friday is in July, not June and the June estimate had a June discount. I looked at the guy and I said well it isn't my fault the tires I called about yesterday aren't here today, is it? Unbelievable.

And I haven't even told you about the dating....

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Sarah said...

AT&T? I'm in the same boat. $350 for a new BB? Are you kidding me? I have also been around since before the Cingular mess and it's a shame they won't treat the loyal customers a little better. I'm seriously considering a move to Verizon. They might not be any better, but they can't be any worse.

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