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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Level 19: Mt Everest

I haven't heard from Mr CNA. I haven't contacted him either. Of course, things need to be said, I'm just not in any rush to say them.

I have a date tonight with Mr Mechanical Engineer (M.E. until I learn more). He's got a wicked sense of humor, and he's in Jersey, by way of West Virginia, by way of some middle-eastern country.

So, if I go missing overnight...I may have been kidnapped into a harem but I'll be laughing as I go...

(My entire family and friends just collectively gasped. I love it. I am such a Sagittarian.)

May I remind any panicky people that I married there, I lived there, I loved there, and I survived many trips there? Thank you.

Mr M.E. speaks perfect, college-level English and he's Christian (not that that should matter, racist people!).

I have provided all information to Sweden. I will make a safety call. Don't worry, I'm just going down the road less than 2 miles for Moroccan food in broad daylight.

My biggest concern? I just hope they don't bellydance at my table, pleeeease, I will lose my appetite.


Tuesday, June 16
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 77
Average heart rate: 136
Max heart rate: 162
Workout mode: RANDOM mode level 19 @ 2.6 mph
Calories: 798 Distance: 2.51 Time: 65:00

Note: It is nice to put some numbers back up again, even with T.o.M. hitting me hard, I still rocked the treadmill.


Sarah said...

Alright! You are on a roll girl! Have fun!

Carolina Girl said...

I still don't know how you do those inclines on the treadmill. That is amazing. you are a rockstar on that thing.

I love reading about your dates! I can't wait to see how this one goes; I'm intrigued!

Soxy Deb said...

Mmmm, Moroccan food. Sounds interesting!
Hope it turns out better than Mr. CNA.

Jersey Girl said...

Enjoy yourself tonight. (You know, I hear belly dancing is great exercise!) :)

you're like butter to me

Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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