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Saturday, June 6, 2009


WTH, after a 4-course meal...!? Just wait a day...

My beautiful, Duncan-approved flowers from Mr CNA.

He surprised me with these at the end of the date. Pulled them out of the back seat of his SUV. I was so stunned. And I love the Stargazer Lillies. Good choice, man, good choice.

The Melting Pot is extremely decadent. I know I have sinned. And sinning never tasted so good. There is no sign of a bad economy in there. Four courses is an obscene amount of food, with an obscene price tag attached to it that my date did not mention nor even bat an eye at paying.

I had to trick myself into thinking it was a celebration of sorts. The other two couples near us were celebrating anniversaries, so I just told myself I was cheering on love everlasting. Or something to that effect. I really did find myself quite perplexed.

The baby spinach Gorgonzola black walnut dressing salad alone would have been enough food for me. Oh how my expectations and stomach have shrunk. But you can't say that at this place, because you have to pre-order all the courses ahead of time. And of course halfway thru the appetizer dipping course, your date orders 1800 Cuervo neat and turns to you and says "Join me?" and you're a tequila lover, you feel your head nodding before the "empty calories" thought has even reached your brain.

So with one drink (about two shots worth) I was grinning and giggling for about 15 minutes, my lips were tingly, and the food was sizzly. And the compliments from him just kept coming. And the stories of his younger days and crazy things he's seen and done were entertaining. And the list of dogs he's owned, and failed relationships and how the dogs were connected to those relationships. And how he sometimes kept the dog even though the dog had come with the woman who had since left. Told lightly, in an amusing manner, I was entertained.

Such is the case with the two-year old, 165 lb brindle-colored Mastiff waiting for him at home last night. It was refreshing to talk to someone who has a large "lap-dog" mentality bull in a China shop; it sounds like he already knows my Chad very well. Of course, the idea of those two dogs together seems impossible, but that's putting the cart way before the horse.

Sweden asked, in post-date reflection with me, if there were sparks. For me that is hard to answer. I think sparks means sexual attraction. Then again, I think maybe it is good not to feel sparks. I think maybe sparks means I'm not thinking with my head. He has nice kind eyes, a good manner about him, and he made me feel like I was special. That made me smile more and feel good. Even in the midst of all that food, I felt pretty, I felt desirable. When I've felt sparks in the past, I've lost my head and made choices that probably weren't in the best interest for me.

We'll see. Sure as hell beats feeling lonely and friendless on a weekend.

Breaking news: Mr CNA has won concert tickets on the radio without even trying (he was calling up because they played a request of his) and he's asked me to go with him - yes, already. He hasn't heard of the band and neither have I. We're both too old I suspect. Has anyone ever heard of The Posies? I'm a big music lover; am I out of touch or what? Youtube here I come. Apparently they're performing Frosting on the Beater (sounds decadent as well). Looks like I have a date for next Saturday already, if I can figure out how to get to The Gramercy Theatre. Country girl going to the big city, again. Oh my!


lila said...

The Posies are a really old band, I think from like the 90s maybe. I remember my sister used to be into them. Nevertheless, you will have fun! Congrats, this man sounds like a dream...

Jersey Girl said...

So happy to hear the date went so well. Springing those flowers at the end was a very nice touch.

Sarah said...

Sounds like things are going well. :)

Soxy Deb said...

Sounds like the date went well, can't wait to hear about the next.

And I hope the management training isn't too much of a PITA for you and you don't get too far behind. Gotta stay "up" for Saturday's date!

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