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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Slumdogging It

I am frustrated today. I have worked from home which is usually awesome and quite a fantastic perk of my job, but today the neighborhood was buzzing with activity.

And a cold hard fact hit me. I am living above my means, because of the dogs and their need for a fenced yard. I was never supposed to live here this long and this unsupported. But we all make choices and we all face consequences so I'm well aware of my responsibility.

I've managed it and now I'm looking at a 4th year here if the slumdoglords deem it so. I've looked around and there's nothing cheaper with a fenced yard, but there are plenty more expensive out there. Funny how rental costs haven't dipped with the economy.

I really need a partner (not a roommate), someone I love, to live with, and share expenses. Until that happens, I'm never going to get ahead. And this is why I accept dates so frequently, because you just never know if you don't try.

The deceased former owner of my rental was such a gardener.
Her gorgeous flowers are still showing up year after year.

__________ Breaking News __________

How my slumdoglords spend my rent money...

Again this year, they're tree abusers.

This isn't jealousy; this is disbelief at their audacity. Last year it was the ridiculous swing to the left, which they've sat on 3 times. I keep waiting for a storm to bring that branch down.

Today their handyman and his day workers have custom-built benches around their trees (yes, more than one!) using imported wood, he was quick to tell me because he can't stand the family either. I told him it was nice to see where my hard-earned money was going when I can't even get them to update my 1972 dryer for improved energy efficiency.

Maybe I'll be buying a dryer and deducting it from the rent.

Next I imagine weather-proof pillows and cushions will be out there. I'm hoping the birds really crap it up.

Maybe I'll be buying some bird seed.

(I know, karma's a bitch.)


Sarah said...

Do people really think that cheesy table nailed to the tree is useful? Or attractive? Definitely not my taste.

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

LMAO off! SARAH luv...they are BENCHES. They're actually going to SIT on them. Can you believe it? I'm so dismayed. Ugly ugly ugly!

Soxy Deb said...

Haha! I thought they were tables too until I read the post. Either way, yep, they're ugly.

And 'you just never know', true dat. Just like the lottery. Can't win if you don't play, so keep dating darlin, cause he is out there. I have to believe that.
You have so much love to give, there has to be someone out there to receive and return that love. I just have to believe that.

Sarah said...

Is it finished? I swear it looks more like a table to me. I agree, ugly ugly ugly!

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