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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yeah, Really

Date Recap...

So, I was 45 minutes late due to "congestion" getting into the city. I knew it existed, I'd just never experienced it in the 3 previous trips, so I was clearly spoiled and naive. But Mr CNA took it in stride, told me no worries, he'd wait at the bar and put our reservation on hold.

When I finally arrived, we realized it was a cool restaurant (thanks Jenn!), but not one for much conversation as you're elbow to elbow with the next party. I was closer to the woman on a date next to me than I was to my date across the table. But that turned out to be OK as it became apparent CNA and I didn't have much to talk about after the small talk.

Drinks were strong, food was delicious.

But here's what really bothered me. As I reached for chips (this was a Mex place...chips and salsa on the table)...

He tapped my hand away. Once.

I blinked.

Thought he was....I don't know...joking? I half-smiled and reached again.

He tapped my hand away again.

I looked at him incredulously, with all my wrinkled brow clearly showing.

I said, "That tactic isn't going to work with me..."

He just smiled and would have said something but the waitress showed up.

Mind you, I've never discussed my eating plan, my exercise plan, or even really my weight loss goals (outside of telling him I'm at the gym a lot).

The rest of the night pretty much sucked. The music was lousy. There are a few hours of my life I'm never getting back.

At the end of the night, he said he has most of next week off work, and he'd like to come out to my place and talk about "us."


Two dates. One great, one lousy.

I'm not sure there's any "us."

Someone say it, please, I don't have the energy.

"_ _ _ _!"


Jersey Girl said...

What absolute nerve to tap your hand, not once, but twice! He's already trying to control you on the SECOND date. Where does he live anyway? Why did u have to drive in to meet him? Also, this talk about "us" is coming a little early in the relationship. I'd tread very slowly with this guy.

Carolina Girl said...

Ok I'm going to have to come back and comment something intelligent later because right now all I have are explicitives to say!

Carolina Girl said...

Ok, I'm back. He's lucky he did not do that to me, the chip dip would have "accidently" landed in his lap. I had high hopes for this one! Grrr.

At least you keep trying though...don't give up. Seriously, you are way too kind and beautiful to give up on Mr. Right! :)

Sarah said...

NEXT! Did he really think there would be an "us" after the hand slapping? You aren't his 6 year old daughter.

I'm just stunned he behaved this way. Shocked that anyone would do that. I'll say it again, NEXT!

G33kGirl said...

That was all about control. He was saying, "I am going to control you." Red lights should be flashing, "warning, warning, warning."

Carolina Girl said...

LOL at G33kGirl! So true!

Graciela said...

Salsa in his lap? Maybe. Bloody stump on the end of his arm? Definitely.

you're like butter to me

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