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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Too Much PDA!

How'd the date go? Oh, so glad you asked, my sweet friends! The entertainment factor never ends!

Let me first say, it wasn't that the Italian Stallion wasn't polite, but he was also a little creepy. Is that possible? Let me try to explain.

I've never had a man try to kiss me within the first 5 minutes of meeting me face to face. I'm talking lips parted and locked on, not a kiss on the cheek. In theory, I could see how it could be incredibly romantic. Maybe, if I'd been feeling the chemistry, but I hardly had a moment to notice! Maybe if he didn't feel as though the way to kiss was to bathe his date's face with his tongue (comparisons to my dog's kisses came to mind). But.....I wasn't. I've never had a man reach for my hand across a table on a first date and attempt to put my finger into his mouth. I've never had a man tell me "it doesn't matter" when I asked him not to stroke my hair while I was trying to read directions and drive. I've also never had a man shake out his ponytail and ask me "Do you like my hair?"

He told me he was "old old school" at age 33...insisting on paying the check for dinner. OK, nice. He then made reference to how I might "repay" him. Yeah, old boy's club? Um. No. No. And no.

Sooooo, needless to say, the conversation was more than a little awkward as he was constantly trying to molest me, and I had a more intense seduction going on with my hard-earned, 5-cocoa signature Starbucks hot chocolate. Mmmm mmmm it sure tasted delicious!

Say it with me people: NEXT!


Graciela said...

Ewwww...what else is there to say???

Jen said...

Eww, he sounds yucky.

Carolina Girl said...

EWW NEXT! But, I will say...you had me in stitches with this post!!! hahahahahahahhahaha "Do you like my hair" classic....

Katie said...

I hope that you are pulling my/our leg. He sounds like he is a certifiable nuthut. How did you make it through that date?

Lila said...

Goodness. What a cad!

you're like butter to me

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