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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gym's Open Arms

morning reality: xxx lbs
valentine's day goal: xxx lbs

OK, I don't know what I was thinking when I thought I could go to bed at 12:50 am and wake up at 5 am. I have severely overslept. But work can wait, I need to blog.

Gym welcomed me back with open arms last night. Cue up Journey's song please, I am a child of the 80s. It felt really good to be on that familiar treadmill. It felt really good to hit "hill mode" and watch the treadmill rise up to 7.5 incline and feel like I was going to fall off. I do like a challenge. I do like hitting "hill" and then customizing it by time and distance and weight. I never felt it was asking me to do something I couldn't handle but it was challenging me. A kinder, gentler version of Jillian Michaels. (Sorry, I can't stand her.)

I've added the link to The Daily Plate over on the right, where it says What Did I Eat Today? Check it out. You no longer have to wonder what I put in my mouth. Hahaha, I know Deb is chortling at that one. It was very informative already yesterday. I learned I really didn't eat as many calories as I should have, yet I also didn't feel hungry or deprived so I didn't suddenly think "oh my god what else can I eat." I love how I can click on the totals for my day and see if I am over or under the daily suggested amount. I love how I can adjust the weight I want to lose per week and it'll tell me how many calories I should be eating a day. What I don't love about it, is the site now seems tied to livestrong. While I love the marketing concept of livestrong and good old Lance, I don't like that it slows and complicates the Daily Plate. There is an option to just stay on the Daily Plate and if you check it out, I would vote you stick with just that until they iron out the beta kinks of the sites being joined at the hip.

Speaking of Deb, I wonder how many times in one post can I say Deb's name? Hmmm. Well Deb, here's a link you are going to love. Remember when you wondered how many calories you burned tiling that bathroom? Well wonder no more, you can go look it up on the Fitness Directory! And yes people, sex is on there but humming the bobo seems to be missing. Maybe Deb can write up a blurb for it. Sitting at a desk is also in the directory. Ugh. Which is where I am off to right now.

On a non-weight, non-exercise note, many of you have encouraged me about Twilight. I remain hopeful. I just wish Bella wasn't such a whiner in her own head. Look who's talking right!? Ha! maybe that's what irks me, maybe she reminds me of myself too much. Oooh deep insight.

And on a final note, I got a *phone call* from Afghanistan the other day. Wow I was floored. Talk about attitude adjusting. The soldier I've been sending things to for almost 6 months called me to wish me a happy new year and thank me for the cookies I sent him. I have to tell you, in this time of selfishness and greed in the corporate world, and people crying about where their stocks went, I was humbled by one man's simple thank you for a simple gesture. If you haven't checked out the anysoldier link over on the right, please consider doing so. Many soldiers do not have family members or friends outside the military supporting them. A simple card could brighten someone's day, and even the basic toiletries are like gold, especially for the women (pearl tampons anyone?).


Carolina Girl said...

Wow, 7.5 incline? That is amazing. Maybe I need to try that. I had the treadmill at a -1 incline last night. LOL!!! I'd like to go hiking someday though, so I need try the incline. I'm sure you burn way more calories that way.

That is so sweet that you got a thank you from a solider! That just warms my heart to pieces.

Soxy Deb said...

Oh Bella's definitely a whiner. Ridiculously so, but I am just finishing the 4th book again for the 3rd time (lol) so it must not bother me that much.
I use the Fit.com site and I love it. I don't track what I do as far as physical exercise or the like cause that's just the icing on the cake for me. I just try to watch my intake and go from there. I know full well I should be "doing" more physically speaking, but my back wont allow for it right now.
Anyhoo - keep spending time with Gym - he will be good to you. :)

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