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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mangilo bella, mangilo!

morning reality: xxx lbs
Valentine's day goal: xxx lbs

Gain of one poundage. Not sweating it (because yesterday was a blip on the chart of life with a gain of 2 poundage). Clearly the end of the double cheeseburger weekend.

I rocked the treadmill last night. My new favorite workout is the dastardly "random" selection! Wooooo that is really quite FUN. I can't believe I said that. Is my life that boring that I now find the treadmill fun or am I beginning to see that I can actually enjoy exercise? Probably a little of both. I know that exercise is the key (I have my own well documented, non-scientific study from 4 years ago that proves this.) to weight loss AND weight management.

And within exercise, I know that lifting weights is the coup d'etat of all things that help weight loss. Looking at the catalog of exercise and calories burned, lifting weights is SUCH a burner! I HAVE to get back to that part of the process. Maybe tonight even so that it could fall into a Tues/Thurs/Sat schedule.

And just a cautionary note to myself here. Yesterday I finally got my caloric intake up over 1000. Specifically here's what I tracked:

Calorie goal: 1,727
Calories consumed: 1,547
Calories burned: 422
Net calories: 1,125

In order to make this happen, I had to double my chicken portions AND....include 2 ounces of Dreamfield pasta. Of course, Dreamfield is awesome, and if you have not heard about it, please read and then go look in your store for it. Last year it wasn't on the shelves and I would special order it (and proceed to eat the whole box), but this year it is in the stores and they've got it nestled between the whole wheat pastas (which if you cook it al dente - as you're supposed to cook pasta people! - it tastes to me like the bottom leather of some old Italian shoe). However, Dreamfield tastes incredible.

Of course, having my heroin (even a low net carb type) in the house is distracting. It calls to me from the cabinet in a seductive Italian voice, Mangilo bella, mangilo!* If only there was an Italian man in there instead of a box of pasta, then I could get a workout! Needless to say, it was incredibly difficult for this carb addict to cook only 2 ounces of pasta. Do you know what two ounces of thin linguine looks like? It is the circumference of a quarter. Yes, as in 25 cents. Or roughly 3/4 of an inch. But, if I find that I can still lose while having 25 cents worth of low carb pasta twice a week, I will be mega thrilled. It will mean that I CAN control some aspect of my addiction.

We'll see what happens. Excitement around every corner!

*For the unItalianites: Eat me beautiful, eat me!

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Carolina Girl said...

I'm right there with you on the treadmill kick! I actually got motivation from you and decided to kick up the incline and now I'm alternating my incline through my whole workout! I haven't gotten it up to 7.0 yet, but getting there...but I actually think this might work for me! My weight is still holding steady though, which is frustrating but I'm trying to up the water consumption this week and hopefully that will help move the scale.

You are doing awesome, keep it up! :)

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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