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Thursday, January 8, 2009

6 lbs, 4 Days?!

morning reality: xxx lbs
Valentine's day goal: xxx lbs

On Sunday I weighed xxx. On Thursday I'm xxx. That's 6 lbs. I fully recognize that is WAY too much WAY too fast. I know I've lost some muscle on that, but likely a lot of it was water too. Still, it is a phenomenal feeling to see the number and to be able to visualize the loss happening. Positive mental imagery is key. I am going to plug in the emotional eating hypnosis CD tonight. If I slow down and maintain over the next few days I won't be surprised. Such is the way of the newly blazoned path.

I am feeling better than yesterday. I am learning about eating calorie dense foods to get my calorie intake UP, believe it or not. I haven't even been hitting the 1000 cal mark and I definitely need to be. That came as quite a surprise to me. Along with the fact that I'm not exceeding my sodium levels as I thought I was. Sometimes I do exceed my protein for a day and also exceed my cholesterol in a day, but I can fix the latter by switching to egg whites entirely rather than whole eggs.

As far as I know, I'm going on a date tomorrow night. (Anyone wondering about Harry Potter? No, I didn't think you were.) I am fulfilling my cougar status. He's a young 30s Italian musician education teacher from Brooklyn. He's volunteered to take the train all the way out here (90 minutes). I hope things go well. I know I'll be fine as long as he doesn't act like Vinnie Babarino from Welcome Back Kotter which would send me into a fit of laughter. Actually, he speaks quite eloquently so I'm sure we're going to have some engaging conversation. Who knows what he's expecting, he keeps going on and on about my sexy eyes. At least I've got those working for me!

Oh oh oh....Twilight....yes......fascinating now. I'm 50 pages from the end and I can see that I have to buy the next book right away. Bella's still incredibly annoying but Edward is darling.


Carolina Girl said...

Ok, I hate you.

No, really I'm totally kidding! AWESOME *clapping* You are the woman! You are right, I really need to log my food. That is definitely the ticket. And also, you mentioned sodium. I think I have had way too much lately, and not enough water.

Good luck with the Stallion Italian! Can't wait to hear the detes!

Carolina Girl said...

Holy sh*t. I just looked at the spring training pitcher's report...34 days. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok..gotta get serious....*gulp*

Jen said...

I knew you would get hooked on Twilight.
Have fun on your date - and congrats on the weight loss!

Graciela said...

You said, "I am learning about eating calorie dense foods to get my calorie intake UP, believe it or not." I do believe it...as I'm finding out, too, if I eat healthy food, I can eat a lot more food for the same calories than when I eat junk.

Hope your date goes well. Have fun!

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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