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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Muscle Strain

Work has me very stressed out. I feel like my brain is swelling from the stress. My boss told me she's looking to leave. GREAT...the one person who has my back in the jungle of manipulative backstabbing. Well, if she goes then I'll just have to start looking. No point in freaking over something that hasn't happened yet. But I can appreciate her mentality; a year ago we both said "some major things would have to change to keep us here." Funny how that thought applies to many areas of my life, and how upon evaluation it is obvious that not much has changed.

Yes, Prez O. I am inspired. I am behind your words. I am ready for action. I am ready to work hard, but could we do something about the people who aren't? At least the ones I work with? I can almost hear our eloquent new leader saying something like: We can only be the change we want to see. Be the change. Be the change.

And it seems my body has decided last night was "No gym for you!" It seems I've managed to strain my peroneus muscle...in both legs, by pounding up treadmill inclines and not realizing this muscle even existed, let alone stretched for it. This is not the calf muscle and this is not shin splints. But I am an ouchy mama. And all I want to do is sleep, preferably next to someone warm. Hmmm good thing for dogs and cats hmmm?


Soxy Deb said...

Sorry you are having such an awful time at work and with the muscle strains.
Do take it easy and don't overdo. You can't be all draggin ass when we get Jasons good news.

Sarah said...

"No point in freaking over something that hasn't happened yet."

I try to remind myself of this constantly. Maybe someday it will be my first thought and not my last after I've already freaked out.

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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