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Thursday, January 22, 2009

PB Recall

Well another no gym night. Not good but I feel rested, which I guess is good. I spent two hours with a mostly shirtless Sawyer, what can I say? I'm not too upset. I wanted to tell him that I would help him get over losing Freckles.

Luna bar made by CLIF company has joined the Peanut Butter recall. Wow. Just checked my giant stash and all of mine are safe, they have a June date and the one product I use of theirs that is being recalled has a July date. If you eat protein bars, check out always updating the recall list.

I can't understand it. Is it that these things have always gone on and no one has noticed or is the increase in these sorts of contamination on the rise because......because why? I'm baffled. As someone who has to work with FDA regulations on a daily basis, I can see how things could go poorly. How hard it must be to enforce the rules.

Hope to hear from my personal trainer date to confirm our Saturday plans. I know, I know, I should not go on a 2-day fast, I know this! Then I won't know if I feel faint and woozy from the sight of him or if it is simply my body giving up the fight.


Soxy Deb said...

I cannot condone, but will not condemn the two day fast. I am becomming of a mind that whatever works, works. I am trying a 9 day detox of sorts myself. Just to get over the hump (I hope) and then I will go back to the proteins. I'm still getting proteins mind you, it's just no meat for the 9 days, veggies, tofu, that kinda stuff. When it's done (I'm day 5 now) I will go back to what I was doing. I miss my chicken - who knew (lol)??

Carolina Girl said...

I would just like to say...that I have nothing to say except I love peanut butter so much. Sigh. Oh and I need a detox too.

Sarah said...

If it can happen to peanut butter, what's next?

I'm so behind on your blog and I'm trying to catch up. Good stuff though!

you're like butter to me

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