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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Reflections

A day of rest. A day of catching up on some writing and reading. No gym.

Spring Training/Valentine's Day Challenge. 17 days left to go on the challenge. I had to disable the little countdown clock widget because they recently installed a pop-up ad with it and that is simply bollocks. I've lost 3 lbs and 4 inches since the challenge started 112 days ago. Hahaha. Yes it is better than seeing a gain. But, I think it is obvious that I should never issue a challenge for myself again, although it seems to have helped Deb, if no one else. And after all, as long as something helps one person, then it is worthwhile isn't it? So Deb, I'm booking a room at your house in May OK? :P

Oscar Noms. Yay yay yay for Bradley boy! A nomination is an awesome thing. Everyone criticizes how much technical wizardry was involved. Um, hello? Lord of the Rings? Anyone remember that movie? The actors still have to act! And Brad pulls off some amazing moments. In my mind, he doesn't need to win. Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke's roles were probably more in depth challenging and I wouldn't be surprised if one of them takes the Oscar. Bummer about Bruce getting shut out. But he's been nominated for many songs in the past and has won, so that's OK in my book. His new CD hits stores on Tuesday and I will have it in my hot little hands and it will live on my CD player nonstop. Although I haven't seen it to form my own opinion, based on the buzz, Slumdog Millionaire will probably get best picture. So I think Heath Ledger should get the award for his Joker? No. But I think he should have gotten it for his portrayal of Enis in Brokeback Mountain. I never saw the aching loss of love so well portrayed on a man's face. Oh well.

PT Guy Update. Well, without asking for an official medical release from the hospital, what can I do? Nothing. Just wait and see if he contacts me once he's feeling well again and tries for the 3rd time to make a date. I did respond to his email, saying I hope he's not injured too badly and he did write back to say his brother came down to stay with him because he did hit his head. He'll probably forget my name, phone, and email address within 48 hours. That's OK, it'll just be a great tactic I'll add into the novel. Use real life! I apply the baseball rule, 3 strikes and yous outta there bubba. This guy is on strike 2. Something tells me that either the guy has some bad karma around vehicles or it just isn't meant to be.

Such is life my darlings, such is life.


Graciela said...

Regarding the PT guy...he may be a prince or he may be an ax murderer...whatever his true personality, he sounds like a flake.

Been there, done that. My first husband was a truly nice guy, but he was a ditz and it made for a terribly difficult life together (hence the divorce).

Unless this recent behavior is truly a fluke due to a convergence of crazy karma...if you do end up dating him, you're probably in for a bumpy ride.

Anyway, my friend, whatever happens, whether you do end up going out, or not, approach this relationship with extreme caution...

Carolina Girl said...

Check your daily plate! I just sent you a message and added you as a friend!!! :)


Sarah said...

I hope you didn't contact him and waited for him to contact you. If he did, great, if he didn't, that's ok too. Ah how familiar this feels to me. You are not alone!

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