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Monday, January 19, 2009

Date Postponed

morning reality: xxx lbs
Valentine's day goal: xxx lbs

Date. Sorry to get all anti-climatic on everyone, but thanks for wanting to know! I was majorly bummed, but the date was rescheduled due to my Future (heheheee) Personal Trainer's vehicle dying on him. My "twisted-I've-been-hurt-too-many-times," cynical self was quick to say "whatever" in my head but obviously I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He notified me well in advance and then he spent the rest of the weekend clamoring for my attention via text, email, AND phone efforts, I feel he's legit, at least as far as enjoying the chase of me. Schedules are such that it'll likely be next Saturday when we meet.

NYC. Wow. So proud of myself. HUGE confidence boost to drive in and out without getting lost once. Granted, I didn't have to go too far off the river or I would have been easily lost. Special thanks to my stunning fashionista of a niece for making her auntie feel welcome.

Food in NYC. OMG. Indulgence to the nth power. Friday night was not as hard to handle, but I did have two margaritas instead of one and I did have a few dessert bites. But Saturday...after the date was scrapped, I ran back into the city. This was like the social event of the year for me. I even had my own personal SATC moment with a Lincoln towne car. And I'm sorry, but there were FOUR types of starch on the table and five people at the table. Sure I got cauliflower. Everyone was enjoying themselves and oh woe is me, I felt left out, which was all in my addicted little head. The lower ego was really rearing itself. No one would have cared if I took the bread or the potatoes. But once I gave in, dessert was a forgone conclusion. In addition to two glasses of incredibly lovely red wine. Clearly I'm still on the 11th rung of hell. Considering what I did eat, 2 lbs is not a bad gain but this is deja vu from last week. Will it take me all week to lose it again?

T.o.M. is here. I have worked out 6 days straight, and I've nothing to show for it except that I'm bleeding to death internally and I have muscle cramps along the sides of my shins (no, NOT shin splints). My Future Personal Trainer says I have to "roll those muscles out," and he's sending me a diagram today to help with that. Haven't had T.o.M. for 7 weeks and now that it is here, I resemble nothing short of a horror movie victim. You know the type where you look at her and think "How did she get blood there!?" TMI I know. Maybe there will be some poundage loss in a day or two.

Tek Watch.
Honestly, if anyone hears about Jason Varitek resigning with the Red Sox, will you please let me know? I have at least three different sources and Deb, but ya know, what can I say? I need to know.

OH PS, this link below is for Sweden...just to make you come online you stinker!

Did the sweater look like this!?


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