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Saturday, January 3, 2009

An Engraved Invitation

Well Blogger wiped out all of my followed blogs and before I could make the effort to collect them again, Blogger gave them all back to me. Well, interesting new year so far, thanks Blogger.

My new favorite station: MLB Network TV!

Deb, have you seen this? Click on that link and see what channel your cable station carries it on. All I can say is "WHOOhooo it isn't all Yankees all the time!" which is my only alternative. Finally, all baseball all the time.

On a serious, serious, serious (yes, 3 seriouses) note, have you seen how many days are left until spring training?! Tomorrow: 37 days.

And we still don't have any answer on Varitek!! And I still haven't lost any weight. Good god almighty, what am I waiting for? An engraved invitation? What would it look like?

Dear TrueHeartGirl in Jersey,

Could you PLEASE lose some weight?

Please? Pretty please?

Your membership in the Cougar Club is

dangerously close to being revoked.



78 days ago the goal was to get down to AT LEAST 265 lbs.

Please standby as we re-adjust the fluxcapacitator Marty!

*re-adjusting, re-adjusting*

OK how about if we aim for a 10 lbs loss instead?

37 days
10 lbs
focus on: exercise

That's gym at least 3 times a week; 6 would be ideal.
Lots of protein and veggies. And no carbs other than the carbs from veggies.
That's still $1 for every workout toward the V-day flower fund. (I'm keeping the $11 in there now from the workouts I did do; they were valid sweat moments.)
And another $1 for every pound lost in the 37 days.
And I will log my food in The Daily Plate (and if I can link the daily food intake in my blog I will).

Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!


Anonymous said...

Jersey girl... I just found your blog and I love it! 78 days... and I bet you can lose 25 lbs EASILY!! ....
I am rooting for you!!
Come on... don't let me down!

One of your stalker readers in Texas!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog a few days ago... and LOVED it!!!
37 days... and I bet you will surprise us all and lose 13 -15 lbs!
I am rooting for ya!
Another one of your "stalkers" in Texas!!

Drink that water... push yourself a little harder each week... if not by the # of days that you exercise.. but by the intensity or length of the time spent...ie..(exercise 5 min. longer each week) and watch every single thing you put in your mouth!! Come on... get busy!! You can do this!!!!
I am going to continue to check in on you to see how you are doing!!
Won't even tell you.. "good luck".. b/c I know you can do it!!!!

Soxy Deb said...

Yeah yeah! I did see that channel and I have already DVR'd a few things (red sox related) that were on there. I know I saw them all already, but it's still fun to watch the sox win the series!!

you're like butter to me

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