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Friday, August 7, 2009

Whatever It Is

Well, The Red Sox are a-hurtin' but hopefully tonight our Country Boy pitcher Beckett will get 'em. Chicago guy was so sweet last night, even though he doesn't care much for baseball, he still offered me sympathy over the beating we took from the Yankees.

And once I was all buttered up, and we were talking about music, he told me that he "Hopes to kiss the lips of an angel next week," (get your mind outta the gutter!).

Then he sent me this song and told me it had some of the most beautiful lyrics he could imagine, stopping just short of saying anything about me as we haven't met yet. Awwww....isn't that sweet? I'm trying to stay level-headed here, but it is tough when the guy tells you he's no longer looking for other women.

So here, you all enjoy this:

I still have a garage to clean and a sign to make. And wouldn't you know it, I've got to do the floor AGAIN already? Ahhhhh I love my crew, I do, I just wish they could clean up after themselves. Nothing stays clean for long. I suppose it is like having teenagers. *shudder*


#18 / 138
Thursday, August 6
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 82
Average heart rate: 137
Max heart rate: 157
Workout mode: RANDOM mode level 19@3.0
Calories: 937 Distance: 2.88 Time: 65:00

NOTE: Tough to watch my boys when I'm working out. I really lose focus. I could've pulled a muscle and not even realized it.

I Ated It
bluebran vitatop muffin top
chocolate whey protein shake
salt-free trail mix with cranberries
1 gallon water
36 ounces of unsweetened iced tea
grilled chicken breast
1/4 cup wild and brown rice
peppers and onions
910 calorie chicken ranch taco salad w/ no beans


Carolina Girl said...

Zac Brown is the BEST.

And um...SWOON lady! My head would be in the clouds after that! :)

♥georgie♥ said...

AWESOME! I'm with CG my head would be in he clouds geesh...

sorry bout your B-Ball boys...

LiLu said...

Beckett will do it for us!!!

Graciela said...

Well, that's special, but still...be careful. I'd be a little leery about someone who is so "in love" without ever having met me. Whatever. Just have fun, don't let him pressure you, take the relationship on YOUR terms. If it works out, great, but it needs to be because it's what you want; not what he wants.

Speaking of country music (i.e. Zac Brown), did you see that Kevin Skinner made it through to the next round on America's Got Talent? He is so sweet and genuine. I got all choked up when they announced it.

I really hope he wins (either him or the Grandma that's a comedian...she's adorable too).

S. said...

I can't wait to hear about when you guys actually meet! I hope the in-person attraction is as strong as the online one...or even better!

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Graciela, sweetie, he NEVER ever declared anything about love. He did not even dedicate the song to me. He just shared that the lyrics were the most beautiful he'd ever imagined hearing. Trust me, my eyes are WIDE open. I am aware of the dangers of the "too much too soon" type. I prefer to think that he is just ultra positive and I am going to go on that ultra positive vibe as well. But I love your concern. Thank you very much.

Graciela said...

"...when the guy tells you he's no longer looking for other women" is what made me pause.

I should know by now that you are in control, I think I'm just reacting to some things that happened in my own past.

I need to stop doing that...

Love ya!!!!

you're like butter to me

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