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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


1. Vanilla Cupcake Body wash is great, but fragrance doesn't linger after. Not a good exfoliate, but a good body wash, very creamy.

2. Strap Perfect certainly works, BUT I had a hell of a time getting it on and off. If you have long hair, tuck it up away first. And you MUST loosen your bra straps or they'll cut off your circulation. Everyone please, learn from my pain experience.

3. There's a department reorg announcement today. I'm told it won't affect me directly. Still the urge to drink before 11 AM is strong. Or rather, to be honest, carb-load as I am not all that attracted to alcohol. Anyone have any muffins? Donuts? Breakfast biscuits? Hide them.

4. The results of the poll as of 8 AM this morning:

Go for it! 11 (42%)
No way! 11 (42%)
Other 4 (15%)

COMMENTS (on the poll section)
- depends on how well you can tolerate his company
- Go see Chicago instead, Vegas is overrated
- go with someone else

The extended comments on the post page were quite detailed, and I appreciate everyone taking the time to share their thoughts.

I've accepted Chicago's invitation to Vegas. I just need to arrange dog care, and that might be the dealbreaker right there.

For those of you still reading, thanks. I don't owe anyone an explanation. But I am very introspective and I do like to explain myself, often, to the utter and absolute boredom of my friends.

Maybe you're not single, maybe you're surrounded by really great, close friends whom you see on a weekly basis, or maybe you just prefer to be alone.

Those descriptions aren't me.

I've been alone A LONG FREAKING TIME now. I'm all set with being alone. Dining alone. Movies alone. Shopping alone. Watching TV alone. Exercising alone. Sleeping alone. I'm quite comfortable with it. I'm surprised I even know how to interact with anyone socially anymore, that's how long I've been alone.

Someone (it really doesn't matter who for the sake of explaining how I feel) is offering me a paid 2-day/3-night vacation in Vegas. It could be Regis Philbin or it could be someone on the street corner. Did I mention flight and hotel were paid for?

There is no part of my Sagittarian soul that would give that opportunity up (unless I cannot work out arrangements for the canine/feline crew I share my life with).

No one is asking me to get married and live the rest of my life with this person. No one is asking me to do anything more than enjoy the lights and shows and food and scene for 72 hours. Yes, hello, where do I sign up?

Now add in that it is a guy who is interested in being a friend, and who isn't putting me down about my weight, slapping my hand at the table, or even remotely trying to offend me (the animals are a separate complicated issue, but still there was no malicious intent). Bonus: He thinks I'm gorgeous. Um, OK. My ego says he is allowed to keep talking.

To the person who suggested I should go with someone else, sure, when are you and I going? I tried that last year, asked everyone I knew, and the best I got was from my brother who said "some day."

I'm not living my life for some day folks. I'm living it today.


Carolina Girl said...

I voted go for it. I mean, why the hell not? haha He seems nice enough - no awkwardness as you've already met. Go. I bet you'll have a BLAST.

Oh....the buffets woman. Be prepared. They are a freakin mazing! (Sad that I get excited about the food and not the gambling, haha)

Carolina Girl said...
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S. said...

Hah, yeah, go for the buffets if nothing else. :-)

But seriously, as I've already said, I think you should go for it too and I'm glad that you are. Life is not some stupid romantic comedy where everyone manages to perfectly fit into unrealistic ideals. If it'll make you happy and no one will get hurt, then why the hell not.

I know the loneliness you are talking about all too well. If we lived even remotely near other I'd be suggesting we get together for coffee...but alas, supportive comments will have to do. :-)

Sarah said...

I think you'll have a fabulous time! I haven't been to Vegas in a few years, but it's always entertaining. And a free trip? How could you say no? Plus we already know he's not a sociopath.

Graciela said...

You're so right...you don't owe anyone an explanation. I truly wish you a great time...so, since you've ignored my advice (lol) how soon are you going???

We all have different life experiences which go into our "advice" to you. But you definitely need to make your own decisions about these things; no one, including your blogging friends, can do it for you.

I'm just glad you share your life with us.

MissMelisaMae said...

I'm all caught up!!! That being said, GO! It's a free trip.

Oh, and L? What a douchebag...The nerve some men have still amazes me.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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