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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Take a Poll on Me...

~* There's a poll on the web site, dear Liza, dear Liza.
There's a poll on the web site, dear Liza, a poll. *~

With apologies to my email subscribers, there's a poll on the web site. Please click on through to the other side and take a vote, will you?

Oh you want to know what you are voting on? Well...

It isn't life critical (unless you count the fact that I'm a Sagittarian and if we don't travel frequently we get really really cranky).

It doesn't even really make sense.

But the offer has arrived and it is out there. Officially.

"So I'm thinking of going to Vegas for my birthday in November. I would love for you to join me." - Chicago

There it is.

I don't recall expressing it here, but last year, I was jonesing to go to Vegas. I've never been. I wanted to see Criss Angel Mindfreak more than anything. I also wanted to see the Cirque de Soleil Beatles Love show. But I decided not to go for one reason: I didn't want to be alone in Vegas. I went to Bermuda instead. Lovely stormy off-season Bermuda.

So, now, here's a Vegas offer, with a travel companion. Yup, flight and hotel paid. Just my meals, my shows, my gambling to pay for.

So what do you think? Vote over on the left side. Say whatever you want. I value honesty. I'll still make my own decision.


Oh, yes, were you as curious as I about the circus coming to town? Here's a shot of the backyard. No animals have arrived yet.

The photo makes it appear small in size. Trust me, it is huge. I love how they had to hang the swing sideways for the tent to fit. Now if someone can climb on there and catapult themselves off the tent and into the lake, I would be entertained.

This is all for my entertainment, right? They want to celebrate my 4th year, right, paying them a grand $86,000?? For that price, BrucefuckingSpringsteen better be playing live and in person under that tent this weekend.

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S. said...

Maybe this is just my too-poor-to-ever-get-to-do-anything side talking, but I think if you've been frank with him about how you feel (or don't feel) and you think you can stand his company for the trip, then I think you should do it. My main worry would be whether a fun environment like Vegas and the absence of you dogs might cause you both to get along better than you might in "real life" and cause you both to feel a stronger match than what really exists. But in real life not everything has to be true love forevernevernever and I think it's okay to have a little harmless grownup fun in Vegas...unless, of course, it wouldn't be harmless...

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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