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Monday, August 17, 2009

Pretty Terrific


From Chicago....

I want to thank you for a WONDERFUL weekend. I know you really tried hard to make it special. And it was. I'm so sorry everything came out wrong this morning. I probably shouldn't have been talking while I was so tired and undergoing allergies. I think you are terrific. You are so charming and pretty, and having communicated with you for the past month or so has really changed my life for the better. I thought I would have been better able to handle being around your pets than I did. I know you warned me. I was just too uncomfortable. It's nothing against you.

As far as the other things I said, I'm sorry I misinterpreted your actions. I guess I was so trying to make it perfect as well I was just overanalyzing things.

I wish I could give you another hug and a kiss. I hope we can remain friends :) I'd hate to think about not being around you in one way or another. And if so, maybe we can hang out some time.

As far as E-harmony goes I think I'm done with dating. Thanks for all the compliments. I just don't think I have anything to offer anyone. I thought about what you said about being so laid back that nothing would get done if I was with someone like myself. It wasn't fair that I left everything to you this weekend. I realize that now.

I'm getting kind of teary-eyed now so I'll go.

For realz? Note to self: do not date any more man-childs. Even ones who tell you they want to fly you to Vegas. Crikey. I've got to stick to my gut instinct.

But hey, I'm charming and pretty and terrific. *snort* Clearly, he's in the 6th grade.


Carolina Girl said...

Ok, he sounds like a nice guy enough. But yea, you definitely need someone a little more manly. Waxing poetic can only get you so far....LOL!

Next! :)


Sarah said...

Does he live with his Mom? Because he sounds like all the guys I went out with from eHarm and they all lived with Mommy. Clearly that should be one of the "Must Have/Can't Stand" items.

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Yup, albeit temporarily, he does indeed live with Mom. Good call Sarah!

Graciela said...

OMG, I just read your last two posts. YUK! And I could NEVER be with someone who didn't LOVE LOVE LOVE animals.

At least he was tall! lol

*snort* is right.


S. said...

Hah! Not only is he in 6th grade, but it's apparently 1957 as well. Golly, you're a swell lady.

Maruska Morena said...

Thats a great note. At least he understands he screwed up. As one with allergies, I'd give him a pass on the dog thing, its possible he didn't know how bad it would be and was overly cranky because of it.

However the line that he didn't have anything to offer.. Holy Cow.. Run for your life girl!

Hopefully your next match will be better.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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