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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Humidity Sickness

"The real trick is putting yourself around people you admire. That's why I married my wife. I locked in the brightest light in the room. My wife and I have an agreement in our marriage, and part of that contract is that we are going to shine our lights on each other. My relationship with Demi is so solid, thank God, and we're so communicative about the way that we're feeling that we don't allow space to come between us. I definitely believe that if you stop working at relationships, they go away." - Ashton Kutcher on his relationship with Demi

Can I throw up now? Are you sure Ashton? Are you sure she doesn't just keep you around because she likes a younger man with errrr, stallionesque qualities?

OK that's low, I know. I'm so bad so sex-deprived out of my ever-loving soon to be 39 forever mind. Just sayin' though, that younger male quality can't hurt, does it Demi?

And, by the way, can someone please "shine the light" on me? I swear you'll get a floodlight in return! Chicago, I'm talking to you!


Speaking of lights, Captain Jersey shut the lighthouse on this sailing party. After getting through the process to open communication over a two-week period, he chose this preset reason to close: "I have too much going on in my life at the time."

OK. I didn't realize I sounded so high maintenance. Enjoy sailing around New Jersey buddy.

And I'm pretty sure Doc Hawaii has checked out of the Love Connection. I really don't care.


I got pretty sick last night after the gym. Felt like heat sickness. Just overall weak, dehydrated despite gulping copious amounts of fluids, dizzy, and sick to my stomach. My workout wasn't at all different than usual, so I can only blame it on the humidity and maybe eating before working out. I usually don't do that, but it was 2 hours and I figured that was more than enough time.


I'm a little concerned about my 138 Challenge, because I've used up a lot of my "days off" already. I only have 7 days off left to use between now and my birthday. That's not cool. I'm well aware that the body needs a day to rest; I designed the challenge for myself with that in mind. Well, 7 weeks from now, when I've used my 7 days off, I'll address it somehow. This is going to mean that when Chicago is here, I'm going to have to go to the gym. I guess once my days are used up, I can do one longer workout on Saturdays that would count for two and still give me a day to rest each week.

Then I remember how I used to clean 22 horse stalls and haul bales of hay and stack bags of grain every day. I had this incredible endurance in me not so many years ago (counting on fingers and toes, it was only 4 years ago!!). Where has that endurance gone and more importantly, can I get it back?

Is it September yet?


#15 / 138
Monday, August 3
Life Fitness Treadmill
Standing heart rate: 82
Average heart rate: 136
Max heart rate: 155
Workout mode: RANDOM mode level 19@2.8/3.0
Calories: 920 Distance: 2.83 Time: 65:00

I Ated It
BodyFortress Whey Protein (chocolate)

bluebran vitatop muffin top
1 tablespoon Smartbalance PB
1 slice of Ezekiel bread
chicken breast
1/4 cup wild and brown rice
egg white omelet with summer squash, onions, green peppers
1 gallon water
24 ounces of unsweetened iced tea

NOTE: I am guessing it was the omelet I ate 2 hours before working out that contributed to my sickness after the gym, along with the humidity. All I know for sure is that I don't want to feel that way often, it totally sucked.


Graciela said...

Thanks for the tip on drinking water. I definitely don't drink enough water most of the time. Then I want to eat salty stuff...like I just ate 6 onion-dill rye crisp, which are SO salty, but so delicious.

So, it must be getting down to the wire until Mr. Chicago visits...when is it? Next Thursday? I'm very anxious about this (anxious for you, that is). :)

Carolina Girl said...

I'm thinking the omelette also...eggs tend to make me sick if I eat them before a work out. Hope the next work out goes better!

(and hope Chicago's visit will be a different kind of work out, wink, wink) he he

S. said...

I really hope that your Chicago guy is a hit. Someone should be getting laid around here! :-)

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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