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Thursday, August 27, 2009

5 Thursday Night Pissers

I'm pretty sure of a 5 things tonight, and I'm pretty pissed about them too.

1. I'm done entertaining the delusion that people with my body shape (notice I didn't say yours; I said mine and mine alone) can wear dresses. Evidence is below. Wait, I should just tell people I'm 5 months pregnant with L's illegit. Then I could have a baby shower and return all the gifts for money. Why did I just say this? There goes THAT secret plan!

2. I'm in the final section (aka book 3) of Breaking Dawn, and *sigh* I'm pretty damned disappointed. This book has sent me to sleep more than 5 times. What the hell. So many people have told me they loved it, and I'm wading through it like it is mississippi mud. Edward has stopped being alluring to me. I don't know why. I don't know if he'll return. I hope he does. I really, really miss our conversations.

3. I think my hair has washed out already. Less than a week? I don't think so. I will probably have to go see the hairdresser to see what's up.

4. I have a definite, there's no denying it, problem with my left knee. Resting it, working it, walking it, new sneaks, support brace...nothing changes the situation. Guess I'll just be living with it. If I ever take off the sloth costume and go back to the gym again.

5. I'm having a delayed reaction about L. Much more upset than I thought I would be. Yeah I know he's not worth the energy. But I'm so upset I didn't even realize I was upset. Like random tears for no particular reason and fervent cussing and loud chanting of anti-love songs (thank you Justin Timberlake, I was never a fan before but liked your SNL spoofs). What goes around, L, comes around. Hope so.

Do you think my family is ready for a pantsuit-wearing lesbian?


::kacy:: said...

this post made my heart hurt for you. i like the dress! :( and also, at least you don't have a full blown case of RLS! (restless leg syndrome) god, it hits me every night and it is impossible to sleep! :( GRRR i hope your day gets better tomorrow and i'll pray for your knee!
don't be so hard on yourself!
much love,

S. said...

I think the dress looks nice, particularly the purple one! The cut is exactly right to highlight your curves.

LiLu said...

At least you look killer in that dress. :-)

Sara Ann said...

The black dress does not look bad at all!! The other ones don't either, but I think the black one looks the best! I don't really look good in dresses either, but I still wear them. Hahaha. Like Kacy said, don't be so hard on yourself!

Carolina Girl said...

I'm kindve diggin that black one on you...Reoowwww!!!! Oh, and I am super envious of your hair.

Do NOT wear a pant suit woman. I'm tellin you. You look hawt!

Carolina Girl said...

I'm kindve diggin that black one on you...Reoowwww!!!! Oh, and I am super envious of your hair.

Do NOT wear a pant suit woman. I'm tellin you. You look hawt!

Carolina Girl said...

And and PS I'm sorry about L. I know those delayed reactions. They suck, no other way to put it!!! Hang in there :( Hugs!

Donna C said...

cyber-hugs to you...xoxo
I like the purple one. I think it looks very nice on you.
Ugh...as I've said so many times....I wish you lived closer...

MissMelisaMae said...

I'm going with team black dress.

That whole situation with L just stopping by and "oh yeah, I'm married" was crap. What an prick? Can I come to Jersey and kick his for you? Call it an early B-day present.

Soxy Deb said...

OK. If I HAD TO pick one, it would be the purple because looking at that pic, the color looks gorgeous on you.
I don't love them. I hoped that the way it had an almost empire type waist on it would make it more flattering, but it doesn't do it for me.
If these were my last choices, I would probably start looking for a pantsuit as well.
But I DO love that purple on you. The color (again I'm basing this on the picture - it may look different in person, I don't know) is great.
Now tell me what my surprise is.

Maruska Morena said...

I totally wish we lived closer cuz we'd go shopping girl. I used to totally hate dresses before I moved to Austin, and since have learned how to better pick them. Not easy for curvy ladies at all.

Its hard to tell from the pictures, but from what I've seen of you and your skin tone and eye color (blue?) I'd pick the blue one only for its color. Style wise, the black is the best. If you could get the shoulder part of the black one to be a bit narrower, I think it'd work a lot better for you.

Suits can sometimes look good, but often they just add more material and tend to make me (I said me) look twice as thick.

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Wow. You're all being either incredibly kind because you don't want to hurt my feelings, or you need some spectacles. I <3 you for it really, but these puppies are going BACK to the store tomorrow.

Maruska Morena said...

My twitter is pissing me off, so I decided to just make a blog, http://misccrapstuff.blogspot.com/

Saw some dresses which might look better.. maybe. Oh and you can email me at MaruskaMorena at gmail. Its sometimes easier. Hope you find a great dress.

Carolina Girl said...

I wish we could go shopping together. We could try on 500 dresses for each other and make Soxy go with us to tell us what looks the best!

Sarah said...

The plum looks so pretty on you!

you're like butter to me

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