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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sugar Free

Well. I know we all had such high hopes, and I thank you all for wishing me the best and sharing the experience, but I won't sugarcoat it.

I have never seen something between two people go from good to bad so quickly. And yes, I acknowledge that there was a role in this for me, but I was just being myself.

Good to bad...such is the case with me and Chicago.


Seems that 2nd 24-hour period brought out the reality that we just are not compatible. eharmless, ya failed me. You need to add a few more personality traits to that test you give out!

I enjoyed the dinner last night. He did not enjoy himself very much.

He felt a $75.00 meal for 2 was extravagant. He stated that the atmosphere was too fancy for him, just as we sat down at the table. There were only 2 forks at the place setting...too fancy?? From the guy whose destination of choice for escape is Vegas?? I'm confused. This is no country bumpkin; he's a financial analyst working in downtown Chicago.

If I look back to the entire experience, he didn't hold doors or pull out my chair or get up from the table. He needed a lot of reassurance on how he looked. He couldn't make a decision about anything...odd to me because he made the decision to come out here. But menu choices, and "what would you like to do now" questions put him into a quandary time and time again.

He didn't make a single move first. This may sound like squabbling, but as independent as a woman I might be, I like and need a guy who takes charge and takes care. I waited, patiently, for him. He was always tentative in his touch, even though I was very warm and open. And then, in the kissing department, well, he pretty much failed. Overall, he lacked confidence. My original instinct of "milquetoast" was correct in the end.

Of course, there is always something that pushes the decision one way or the other. For me, it was his comment this morning that my dogs "are too much" for him. He wouldn't even touch them when he was over. (Say what we will about Mr Listener or L in all their self-absorbed nastiness, they at least showered the animals with affection.)

So, when Chicago couldn't decide if he was to get breakfast/lunch before I drove him to the airport, I thought to myself, 'Right, this isn't going to work.' Although I didn't say anything, he sensed my frustration at his indecisiveness (which he called "being laid back," while I called it "being wishy washy"), he told me I could just take him to the airport early because clearly I "wasn't interested in talking to him anymore." Whoa, just a little passive aggressiveness? No thanks.

Fair enough: He did have an allergic reaction in his eyes to Duncan's hair. He said he'd never experienced that before at age 37. Liquid children's benadryl took the puffiness away from his eyes within 20 minutes, with no lingering effects. He did comment that he'd never be comfortable in my house.

One of the more amusing questions he asked was "How do the dogs go out in the backyard in the snow? Don't they get all wet and dirty?"

Yes, they do.
And that's my life.
And too damn bad if you're not fine with it.
I am.

There are 12 new matches waiting for me on eharmless. I sure hope they read my profile that clearly states I have pets.


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Sarah said...

How truly disappointing! I had high hopes for this guy. I guess it's better you met soon and found out early.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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