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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Country Clothes

When I shop, all bets are off. Not only am I like a bull in a china shop, but I'm not always practical. Hmm, maybe this is why it is dangerous for me to shop alone.

Well, I unexpectedly bought SEVERAL items yesterday. Shopping for the wedding went out the window. Shopping just to shop and shopping for me became the focal point. And I'm not a shopper.

But right now, the anti-social, rebellious way I feel, I feel like wearing these clothes to the wedding in October whether they're appropriate or not. I should be me, no matter where I am. And if me is "a little bit casual" or "a little bit country," oh well.

And the cold, more formal, New England reality is I have the black dress from two years ago and it functions just fine for the wedding.

This duster is just called love at first sight.
Had to be ordered just one size up (so I can wear something under it) so I don't have it yet.

The detail on this shirt is so gorgeous.
When I put it on I feel like a country bride myself.
Where is my country boy?
I am qualified to help him work the farm.

Of course, it doesn't hang on me like this, but I love the chamois.

And I never ever ever ever ever in a zillion years would have thought I'd ever put something like this ON, let alone like how I feel in it. It is so beautiful and it will rock under the duster.

And of course, shoes that I will likely break my ankle in.
(These may go back.)

Here are a few shots of me, I don't think they came out accurately well, but that's that.

This is tiger's eye.

And with this, I conclude that I'm done putting on pony shows here. I've determined who I can get honest advice from and that's good enough. The rest would just be for your amusement purposes anyway.

I love to show you the items, but as for me in the items, well, it is difficult to photograph myself. What matters most to me is that I LOVE these pieces of clothing and I feel good wearing them. They may or may not look good on me, but the reality is if you wear a size 22, you're going to look like you wear a size 22.

But the dresses that I returned definitely made me feel uncomfortable, regardless if someone said I looked good in it. The other side of the coin is that when I see myself in a photo, I rarely think I look good, even if I feel good.

Sometimes it is better not to look because it ruins the mood.


S. said...

Ooh, I love that white blouse. So pretty and frilly. I would never dare to wear such a thing so I'm glad someone else is. :-)

Jersey Girl said...

Love the duster and the white blouse. I think you should wear what you feel comfortable in. I went to a wedding last weekend and it was amazing the range of clothing that was worn, from gowns to jeans (yes, there was one guy in jeans). I know I tend to fret over what I'm going to wear to various occasions but, I figured out that, when it comes down to it, most people aren't going to remember what I wore anyway.

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

"most people aren't going to remember what I wore anyway" - this is a hilarious point and one I agree with in general most heartedly. However, in my Italian/Polish/Irish family, what people wear is discussed for years. Not kidding, these people have nothing else going on in their lives. I would love to show up in jeans and a halloween pumpkin shirt. That will keep them talking.

Carolina Girl said...

I truly believe at the end of the day it's what you feel most comfortable in and what makes you feel most like you that looks the best. I went through 5000 (slight exageration) outfits the other day for my date. Ended up with the first one. It wasn't overly exciting and pretty plain, but I felt most like me in it.

That white blouse is so feminine and beautiful.

I forgot to tell you that I LOVED your video....that was hilarious!

Sarah said...

Oh yes you definitely have to be comfortable. If you feel good, you'll look good.

Sara Ann said...

I totally understand how you feel. I'm a size 22/24 in shirts & 26 in pants. So I understand. Sometimes I feel like a fat cow, and other times I feel great. It all just depends on the clothes. Lately I have found that I feel great in just cotton shirts that are in great colors. I bought some yesterday. I think I'm going to take some pics and put them up. :) But I like that floral shirt. Pretty.

Maruska Morena said...

Wow you picture extremely well. I would never have guessed you at size 22. I was thinking more of a size 18. I'm a size 18-22 depending on the day and the fit, and pictures of me are horrid.

Love the dark poet-like shirt on you, compared to the dresses you'd shown before, it makes you look like you lost 20lbs. I really love the details on the white shirt and so wish I could pull off lace.

(oh and if you get tired of the duster, I'll send you my address) Somedays I wish Texas would get cold so I could wear some of those kinds of things.

Graciela said...

Everything is very pretty. I especially love the white blouse.

Why couldn't you wear that and the skirt to the wedding? They are both very dressy.

Soxy Deb said...

I can't see enough of you in the pics to give a proper opinion, but what I can see of you in that skirt - I love.
I'm not a fan of the blouse - I can't see it well on you, but I just don't like it in the picture. It just looks too "old" to me.
The cream blouse? LOVE IT, but again can't see it well enough on you to form an opinion.
The duster?? Hells YEAH! I absolutely love that. And the shoes and the jewelry.

I know your tired of the pony show, but if you can get a better pic - maybe full view - of these things, I would like to see them ON.

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