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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Then She Shopped

I have to tell you....shopping alone, sucks, at least for me. Which is why I rarely go into the stores themselves anymore, I just do everything online. Except perhaps for the caveat "If you want to quit and leave, no one is stopping you," I really don't see any advantages to store shopping alone.

Yesterday I shopped with a dear friend, and it went much better for me. The disappointments I found in the stores weren't as deflating. I could laugh it off. I did drool a little bit over the items she purchased, but I was happy with the items I purchased as well. It just wasn't anything I could wear to my cousin's wedding in 8 weeks.

I got these sneaks, which I am wearing casually today before I test them on the tread.

Because of the way I walk, I am hoping the added support (my current NB sneaks are about 5 years old) will help my knee situation.

I got this body scrub, because quite frankly, once I smelled the fragrance, I thought "Oh my god, I'll eat myself." Normally, I'm a chocolate girl, so it really surprised me that I fell in love with vanilla cupcake!

Also bought these because I'm a sucka just too damn curious. I'll let you know if they work.

I got my hair done, just a nice dark chocolate like usual, nothing new. But I like how dark it is, I wish it would stay this way and not get washed out in the sun and heat of the dryer. I use AVEDA products and put protective stuff in it, but still by the time I need the roots done, the whole head has to be done because it has washed out so much. My hairdresser always jokes that I have the hair of someone who works outside. Um...no. Oh well.

Oh yes, I got some D&G shades....they're in the car melting at the moment I suppose. Can't really find a photo of what they look like. Guess it'll just be another photo op when I show up for an Inglorious Basterds viewing later today. William Bradley, are you ready for me?

In other movie news, I'm really bummed that Spread is not even remotely around here. I guess it is a limited release? Feels like I'm in country bumpkin land. However, I can tell you that 500 Days of Summer is really cute, especially if you like semi-indie, non-Hollywood movies. I mean it is, but it isn't. You know? Personally, I found it refreshing to see unrequited love from a guy. That's not a spoiler; they say that right in the trailer. And I really like the soundtrack.

As for Chicago & Vegas: Thanks to everyone who has left a vote and a comment. I really appreciate everything said. If you haven't voted, please, don't hold back.


Sarah said...

Online shopping is fantastic, but being there in person is necessary for some things. Like smelling body washes. Sounds yummy!

Maruska Morena said...

I actually love shopping alone. I've shopped with friends, but generally thats just social time for me.. rarely (unless they're a good good friend) do I actually approach it as serious shopping.

I shop some stuff online, but most times I just want to touch it or try it on ahead of time so I shop.

Sometimes though it is nice to have someone elses input on "Does this look good?"

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