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Friday, February 6, 2009

Your Mission...

My Mission is...Self Improvement.

In honor of He's Just Not That Into You opening today, I'm offering up my OKC dating profile for your careful analysis.

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read, analyze, rewrite, and/or critique my online OKC profile. Of course, praise is good too, I'll take praise. LOL Serious and humorous responses will be appreciated and perhaps even shared and implemented. Show your Mom, show your sister, show your best blogger buddy who doesn't know me, show your best friend, show your gay guy friend, show your brother!

In light of PT guy's last and final crisis excuse (oh yes, there was another one) that he can't meet (and I never expected him to meet), it seems clear that he's just not that into me, regardless of what he says. He has a busy life with many priorities in front of meeting someone. That's fine. That's his choice. My choice is to keep on looking while he figures out how to start the boat.

Harry Potter (remember him?) told me "Your profile is almost too good...it is somewhat off-putting for guys who might think they can't possibly measure up." I find that hard to believe. I feel that if my profile weeds out the weaker links, then it is doing a job well done. Besides he was "just trying me on for size," anyway. Yeah, gotta love those words, literally. So much for a Springsteen fan being a match.

Anyway, so here are the thumbnails of my profile, as well as the photos I have up (I'm allowed 10 and I can choose an order for them to be displayed). You can email (donnamariagray at gmail dot com) your comments or write your comments here. There's no deadline for this, but I was already planning to rework it after V-Day.

Note: I made the tone of my profile humorous because I read a lot of research that indicated men like a woman with a witty sense of humor.

Caption: Springsteen fans, where are you?

Caption: I support Make It Right, rebuilding the 9th Ward.

Caption: I'm serious but fun, and I'm just a little bit wild at heart.

Caption: National Winter Static Alert, Call Jack Bauer

Caption: Do I look 39 yet?

Caption: Christmas is over but I don't want to put away the Santa Hat.

Yes, Red Sox fan in Yankee Stadium. I love the game, do you?

Caption: I love jeans but I clean up nicely if you're taking me somewhere special.


♥georgie♥ said...

Okay i am no one to ctitique anyone so I just wanna say you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Jen said...

you are a brave girl!!!
I have absolutely no experience in the adult world of dating so I may not be much of a help but I liked it. I liked the variety of pictures, shows you in many different lights and I think that would be important. (I esp like the last one of you dressed up in the black dress and shawl - very nice)
The only thing that I didn't like about it was the 'more tread on the tire' comment. Kind of makes it sounds like you have been around the track too many times.
Good luck with it - and sorry that PT guy flaked out, but I think you expected he would based on his other chances.

Carolina Girl said...

I honestly think your profile is awesome!!! If I ever have to go that route again, I will enlist your help. I think it's great, because anyone that wants to go out with you, already knows a lot about the real you.

That last pic of you is GORGEOUS!!!!! Hubba hubba, girly. :)

butterfly said...

HOLY #@#$*&(# !!!!! You do not "look" 39. I'm scandalized, Miss baby face.

Your profile was a real riot to read. In fact, I felt inspired to update and edit my own. I was quite tempted to plaigiarize:P You go girl!

My only possible-perhaps-output is this: When I read dating profiles, and the guy says " I work out 5 times a week", I'm instantly intimidated and start to think " ok this guy is a protein shake guzzling weight lifting spandex wearing rock climbing I won't even bother because he'll see me and think I'm fat".

I've been out with a guy once where, over drinks, inquired about my physical activity level. He brought up how my profile noted gym activity 3 times per week and sort of eluded to the fact that I'm no marathon-running-size-4.

You have such an eloquent way of wording your profile. I'll send ya mine if you'd be interested in picking =)

Graciela said...

I think you are a beautiful writer as well as a beautiful girl. So your profile is beautifully done and your pictures are lovely.

Don't take this wrong, but if I weren't straight, I'd want to jump your bones. :-)

lila said...

Oh my god. You are just so sweet, open and honest. The pictures are awesome and the content is just so beautifully written. You are also sooooo pretty! I hope that you find a man worthy of you!

Sarah said...

I think your profile is really great as is. It might seem to you like it needs a refresher because you've been looking at it for a while, but I think it's amazing. Humorous writing that conveys true information and fantastic pics. I love the variety. I think your profile is great. You don't need to change it, you just need a better class of guy viewing it.

Butterfly: "I won't even bother because he'll see me and think I'm fat"." I think the same thing.

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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