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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Study Annoyance

An article about a study released from the Harvard School of Public Health has me so annoyed. I've linked to it so you can go read and be annoyed or be surprised or even be happy, but for me, I'm going to remain annoyed. Here's a quote from the article:

"It's not so important whether they eat higher carbohydrates or higher protein or lower carbohydrates or lower protein," he said. "What really matters is just plain, simple old quantity: how much people eat."

I haven't read the actual study results. I'm too annoyed at the moment. But I will.

I DO know that the more I exercise, the more I lose. I DO know that more calories burned than taken in result in weight loss. However, I know for a bloody fact that carbs do not help me. Before I go off on a tangent about how special and unique and addictive I am, let me just say that I WISH the study results WERE true for me! I WISH! But I know for a fact that if I were to eat even the government's recommended amount of carbohydrates per day, I would not lose a freaking ounce.

Cancel the special unique tangent. I'm so done for the day. I want to go back to bed and dream about all the cute new Red Sox players I saw on TV last night.


Fab Kate said...

The thing with carbs is that they're JUST calories... if you're getting your daily calories from carbs, then you're not getting the other nutrition you need to keep healthy: Vitamins, protiens, fiber, essential fats.

The study only goes as far as the "calories in/ calories out" equation. Sure, you can eat 2000 calories in cookies every day and weigh the same as if you ate 2000 calories in soy and veggies. But you wouldn't be as HEALTHY.

Nothing wrong with the study... as far as it goes.

Portion control is the number one problem we dieters face. Most of us, even when we think we do, have NO REAL idea what a portion size is until we actually start measuring EVERYTHING we put in our mouths.

Sarah said...

Next year they will come out with a report that disproves everything in this report. The year after that, they will release a report saying what they said this year. Annoyance is right!

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