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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wait a Moment, It'll Change

morning weight: lbs
Valentine's Day goal: lbs

Well by some freakish miracle, I am down 3 lbs today. Maybe I should thank the carbs on Sunday going through me like a freight train. Maybe I should thank the wonders of Smooth Move Chocolate tea. (Not something to abuse, but really has helped my tummy the 3 times I've used it in the last year. Ingredients.) We'll see if it is a sustained loss that can stick.

I tried again last night to see if I could change up my cardio by using the elliptical. Yeah, no one can say I haven't tried. Oh.my.freaking.god how do you people do it? Less than 5 minutes and my knees were screaming mad at me. The rest of me was ok but my knees said no flippin way sister, not while you're carrying as much weight as you are. We are stuck, quite happily so, with the treadmill I'm afraid. I have come to love the treadmill.

11 days left until Valentine's *hurl* Day. $35 in the day-after flower jar. I've heard that Red Sox spring training actually starts on the 12th, not the 14th. I'm perplexed but oh well. No one is really following the challenge anymore anyway. Deb's reached her 10 lb goal, Carolina's working hard like me to see even a small change. I guess what we've learned from this challenge is that we keep trying no matter what.

Scored some righteous seats to see Bruce yesterday. I am rejuvenated at the thought of seeing the minister of rock and roll yet again. He's my kind of sunshine. And I honestly did not expect the aging band to tour again so soon but I'm not complaining! We're all nned to live like we're dyin'!

Yes, I have heard from PT guy. No plans to meet. But let's remember that I had hoped to get something out of him being a trainer. I still wonder if that's possible. I don't know. There is another interesting guy surfacing at the email stage right now. That's life, wait a moment and it all changes, right?

My Sagittarius scope today: "If you can be more flexible, you can be more powerful. Bend and be mellow."

That is hilarious. If I bent anymore, I'd be a broken reed. Oohhhmmmmm, I shall meditate on it.


Graciela said...

I hate the elliptical too. If I can't walk outside, I prefer a treadmill to just about anything else. My ipod music also lends itself better to treadmill than elliptical, too.

Congrats on your 3 lbs loss...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it sticks around.

Soxy Deb said...

The elliptical is hard. When I've been off it for any period of time, it's like starting all over again. I start with 5 then go 6 and so on and so on. All the while thinking "how the hell did I ever do 35 on this fucker?" But once you get there, its such a great workout.
Glad your gonna get to go see Bruce. He rocked the halftime show - in my opinion. I really enjoyed the show and I usually couldn't care less about halftime.
3 more pounds in 10 days. I have faith in you. I believe you will realize that goal. No doubt.

Sarah said...

"wait a moment and it all changes"

And thank god it does!

you're like butter to me

Just a Lovable Party Girl

Just a Lovable Party Girl
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