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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Real Man

You all are so sweet for wishing me well on my date.

Here's the song I woke up singing. Crank it!

"Lovin you's a man's job..."

That's right.

My first impression of R. Even though he's 35, I met a MAN last night. Not a boy. A MAN. He carries himself very confidently. With a truck even. He held doors open, he asked me what I wanted to eat, he ordered for the table. He was almost too respectful (my last love was like that which turned out to be "charming contractor talk" he used on his clients too when he had to explain why the job was going to take 3 more months to complete).

The respectfulness alone was so refreshing that I would have been thrilled with the evening. But then he was complimentary and attentive, asking MANY questions about me, my job, my life, my dogs, movies I'd seen, things I'd written in my profile, TV shows I liked....I was so astonished that I don't even remember eating. Amen to food not being the MAIN attraction!

We shared two plates, pad thai and chicken something with chili paste. I am sure the food was delicious, but I don't really recall it. And that my friends, is a GOOD thing. Way too many times in my life, the food has been the star of the event. This is healthy.

Within 15 minutes of a sweet single kiss goodbye, he texted me to see if I'd found the highway OK. When I texted back that I had and I was almost home, he replied with "So, what are we doing this weekend?" I tried so hard to play it cool, texting back "I'm sure we'll think of something!" but inside I was doing backflips the whole ride home.

Here's my realistic side shouting at me from the sidelines, just because it can: His mother is currently (temporarily?) living with him. I don't know the circumstances. In these economic times, I can see many legitimate reasons. At least it is his house and he's not living in the house he grew up in. Well, for god's sake I don't have to marry the guy. I just want to date him at this point!

Happy Wednesday!


Soxy Deb said...

Seetie that sounds like a fantastic first date!!! I'm so thrilled for you.
The mom thing, don't stress it too much. My mom lived with us for 2 years due to circumstances beyond her control and as you said, in these times, you sometimes need to rely on family.

He sounds great and I hope you have fun with him again this weekend; whatever y'all decide to do.


PS. Tix in the mail in case I didn't already tell you.

Megryansmom said...

Happy Wednesday to you too! I cam over from Georgie's blog.

Jen said...

I am so happy to hear that you had such a nice night - IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! lol
Have fun this weekend!

Carolina Girl said...

OH MY...he sounds fantastic! What a great date! I'm doing cartwheels for you!

Don't worry about the mom thing. I knew a guy that was taking care of his mom because her heath was failing. I found it to be a rather attractive quality. And you are right...you don't have to marry him at this point. :)

Get on this one girl! That was a perfect response by the way!

Sarah said...

YES! Sounds like this went really well! And I love the after date text. So sweet!

you're like butter to me

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