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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heart-pounding Moments

No scale change, I'm cool with that. I might have to skip the gym tonight to get our VIP guest some serious relief from her itchies (READ: oatmeal bath), so that'll be all the energy I'll be able to spare.

But, I've become fascinated with the heart rate. Anyone got any light to shed on the matter? All these projected scales make me laugh. What happens if your heart rate is elevated to begin with? What if your blood pressure comes in at 130 or 135? That's the top number of your heart rate. So then that throws off any "projected target range" right?

I took this shot of the treadmill last night.

I stare at this thing every night and I think OK well, I'm within that range for my age but what the hell does it mean? What's the difference between fat burning and cardio? Isn't that what happens when you are cardio-focused, uh you burn fat?

Beth, I know you're out there ed-jura-m-cating yourself and me as well. I'm just sooooo preplexed. Then I make myself feel better by thinking "You're 100% more active now than you've ever been in your life." That's a good enough change for now!

I have to tell you, my high heart rate according to the treadmill readout is sometimes 150-155. Apparently that is "anaerobic" for me....what does that mean? Guess I have to read more.

Coming soon: Something entirely more interesting and dating-related. Come back soon campers.

1 comment:

♥georgie♥ said...

I swear you are so motivating...if I keep coming here you will have me asking mr gp aka NOT SAWYER for a treadmill for valentines day LOL

you're like butter to me

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