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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Chad

morning weight: xxx lbs
Valentine's Day goal: xxx lbs
In the Reward Jar: $43

This is the last Valentine's Day challenge post. I failed to achieve the goal. T.o.M. arrived and it is kicking my ass. And the blue feelings are lingering hard today, and it isn't just the lousy turn of events of my date this week. One year ago today I had that ridiculous but horrible accident where the front tire came off my truck, my beloved 4Runner that used too much gas but I loved. Anyway, not supposed to be looking back. But yeah.

But....it is Chad's birthday today. He really doesn't look like the 6'1, 95 lb giant he is here.

Happy birthday Chadster! Chadwick, Chadditix, Chadducus! You're 4 years old and you still act like a puppy! Thanks for being such a good caretaker of me, Sena taught you well. Who needs men!?

Right. Right. Still, guys keep asking me to meet. I have to try. With no friends in Jersey, I refuse to turn into a complete hermit. I guess some people might not be able to understand that.

I accepted an invitation to see Slumdog Millionaire with a local in-town guy who says he's just looking for friends and likes movies enough to discuss their award-winning worthiness. Good, I think. No pressure there.

And there's another guy who has been asking me for dog training advice who says he wants to buy me a cup of coffee for helping him out with his puppy. Hmm. On Saturday. Sure, why not. It's just another day to many people. And I'm OK with that.

Baseball season is underway! Well, OK, spring training. But still. I'm loving me some eye candy on the MLB network!


Sarah said...

Meeting men? Keep at it. If nothing else, it's experience and gives you some stories for the blog, which we all enjoy! No one said finding quality men was going to be easy. Unless you found him early and were able to work on him. The men we meet now (as opposed to 10 or 15 years ago) have had all the time to become ingrained in their bad behaviors. Keep it up! You never know who you'll meet.

Graciela said...

Dogs are the best thing that ever happened to us women. I know that even if I'm feeling cranky about my job, my man, my life, that spiritual being is loving me and doesn't care what I look like or what I weigh...he's just so glad that I'm home.

Your boy is about the same age as my B...I swear that I would leave my husband before I would give up my dog.

As for men, yes, I guess you should keep trying, I guess you never know when the right one will show up. Sorry, I'm just still feeling really mad at the last asshole you encountered. You are so f...ing gorgeous and these f...ing guys that treat you like this...I just get so MAD!!!!!!!!!

Deep breaths...

Carolyn said...

The more people you meet, the more your 'repitoire' of experience gets! yea!
Don't let the blues get you down. I know it's hard, but do your best at it! Try to do something out of your element maybe? I'm goign to try to knock my friend's blues away by seeing if she wants to hike in the park this week.. it's been -15 C here for a while, so she's not going ot want to, but ENOuGH GRUMPY GUSSES IN THIS WORLD!!!
Stay strong!

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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