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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lottery Love?

I kicked it up a notch last night and found a new zone: level 11, random mode. When the treadmill rises up to 8.5 incline and I feel like I'm going to fall off, I just lightly touch (not grip) the front bar with my fingertips, steady myself, and pretend I'm on an amusement ride. I knew that my imagination would come in handy some day!

Friday February 27
Lifetime Fitness Treadmill

Standing heart rate: 72

Workout heart rate: 109 (low) to 144 (high)
Workout mode: Random, Level 11 at 2.8 mph

Calories: 615
Distance: 2.67 Time: 63.11

I love to look at the new numbers. Even if they're inaccurate, they're higher than the other inaccurate numbers from weeks past, so I know I'm making progress. I also did crunches until it hurt, slightly. I've been doing ab exercises but I haven't been feeling anything. So last night I did them until I felt something. That's important to me. Not pain, but feeling like oh yeah there are muscles there after all, go figure.


So you're all curious about toll booth guy. Let me tell you, at this point in time, it is a comedy all right. And that's good, because who the hell wants to keep crying?

No one won the megamillions, so it automagically rolls over to Tuesday night. Why does this matter? Well, because I handed him a lottery ticket yesterday morning, with my number taped to the back of it, which he's probably thrown away!

At the time, he'd just finished telling me about how tired he was (he works two jobs, one overnight) and I grabbed the ticket off my dashboard and handed it to him. He grabbed my hand with both of his hands, his eyes went wide like half dollars, and he said (in that way that people do when they're so excited) "OhmygodIloveyou..."

I laughed appropriately and said "Well, don't thank me yet but today could be your lucky day." To which he said, "If I win, I will definitely give you some." I smiled and nodded. And then this look of panic came over his face, and he said "Money, I mean...I will give you some money." Ahem, he was clearly thinking something more perverse, which is fine by me, he's a man, he should be thinking that way to some extent. So I just said, "It's all good..." because I couldn't think of a witty reply, smiled my dazzling smile with my sparkling green eyes and wished him a good weekend.

I saw him fold the ticket and put it in his front shirt pocket. He gave no indication he felt the sticky note with my number taped to the back.

If this is a movie script, you all know he's thrown it away without realizing...

I'll know when I see him, probably Tuesday.

Question is, dear blogger buddies, what do I do if he hasn't seen it (which would be indicated by him not addressing it by saying he's married or something or by his warmth toward me remaining the same)? Is there a plan B? I should just let it rest I think. What else would you say? I mean, I could buy another ticket for Tuesday night's drawing....currently at $201 mil.....


Carolina Girl said...

If he doesn't say anything, give him another and tell him to actually win he has to have the "magic code" on the back...Then smile and drive off. Actually I don't know...I'm so bad at these things! I am however VERY impressed with you! That is such a "movie like" moment.

Soxy Deb said...

I'm with CG. I say give it one more shot but give a hint as to the fact that the number is there. He is a man after all. You may need to draw hima map. lol

Sarah said...

What if you gave him something else with your number on it? Something besides a lotto ticket? Oh great, now you want to know what else? I don't know. A pack of gum? Or maybe put your number on the front of the ticket. No way he wouldn't see it that way.

I love this!

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