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Friday, February 13, 2009

Good Enough To F---

Well, so much for R. The gentleman. I guess he's not a man after all, but just a horny toad.

I asked him to call me, and instead we had this IM conversation tonight:

R: I'll chat with you here for a few mins. I'm sorry I have was not in touch much today. I have to be honest here and say that I just didn't feel that much chemistry when we met.
girltrueheart: ok
R: It was nice getting to know you, though.
R: somehow it feels like there is more of a sexual chemistry than anything and I'm not sure if that is where it should be.
girltrueheart: well i would think that would take more time to find out but if you're not interested you can't fake it
R: I'm interested but more in a physical way, but I know that is not what we set out to find out here.
girltrueheart: right, your profile says you're looking for a relationship, just not one with me
R: perhaps. i'm not sure
girltrueheart: well i appreciate the honesty above all else
R: no reason to lie
girltrueheart: i'm an incredibly sensual person
R: i know, and so am i
girltrueheart: but it wouldn't last long if i couldn't have a friend as well
R: I think we would get along but not sure if there would be more than just sex and friendly company
girltrueheart: i'm not sure i know what you're saying
girltrueheart: what DO you want with me?
R: I want to have sex with you, I think you know that.
R: I don't want to just bang and go. I would be nice to find someone to hang around with before, during, and after.
R: Not sure how much before and after, though. See?
girltrueheart: yes i think i understand
R: You do?
girltrueheart: i wish that would be enough for me, but i know that after the first time i would want more. i'd want to have breakfast together, i would want to kiss you goodbye in public after breakfast...so probably, not a good idea if those things would make you uncomfortable
R: I know. That's what I thought.
R: That's why I thought about things today.
girltrueheart: there's a lot of women out there who'd love to be your bang girl i'm sure
R: Gotcha.
girltrueheart: and i'm looking for some level of intimacy that goes beyond that, i'd be craving a lot more
R: I know that.
girltrueheart: i told you pretty early on what i wanted, but i guess it took meeting me to be sure
R: Perhaps.
girltrueheart: well, good luck.
R: Well, I'm going to say goodnight. Sweet dreams. For what it's worth, I did enjoy getting to know about you.:)

Apparently, I'm good enough to bang but nothing more. That cracks me up. I guess I'm not going to find a guy who feels I'm worth having around until I've lost the weight. I'm sorry but how disgusting. You "feel chemistry enough to bang," but not to develop an intimate friendship?


And next better not be a plate of french fries.


Fab Kate said...

egads! the guy sounds like a jerk. Of course, the bars (meat markets) are full of them, and a lot of these online dating sites are just virtual bars.

Carolina Girl said...

I posted a comment here, but not sure if it went through. It gave me an error message. But just in case didn't...what a D-BAG! Next. You (we) deserve way better than that...regardless of our size!

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Yes, I recognize that online dating is like walking into a bar of the old days...but there just aren't a lot of ways to meet anyone these days. And when a guy has THIS on their profile, at some point I have to trust that they are telling the truth: "I'm looking for a friend, a companion, a lover, and a partner in crime. I'm looking for someone funny and fun, smart and witty, friendly and compassionate, and someone that can challenge me to be a better man. I'm looking for someone with whom to share my life with and have a family with. That's not too much to ask, right?" Turns out he just wasn't that into me.....NEXT!

Sarah said...

ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? Holy crap! I've been there so many times. At least he actually had the balls to tell you instead of just not ever talking to you again, which is the way most of the guys I meet handle it.

Carolina Girl said...


I need to email you. Got some info I need your advice on!

Graciela said...

After reading your post, I am so pissed right now. What an asshole.

Soxy Deb said...

I could friggin throw up. What an ass. YOu just never know about some people do ya? I can't believe he turned out to be such a complete pig.
Sorry honey. But I still believe ther IS someone out there who wants to be with you body and soul. I just wish I knew exactly where he was so you wouldn't have to go through this "MTV show" bullshit. You deserve so much more.

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