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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There's Only One October

Once my brother arrived, it was impossible to stay blue. His excitement was contagious. By the time we reached the park, there was electric energy all around us. Word to the wise, SRO tickets are awesome....UNTIL everyone stands up in front of you and you can't see. We had to jockey for a viewline at times but it was worth it just to be there. I have barely slept, but I feel so high.

Here are some images that will stay with me forever.

When Tek took this opportunity and ran this guy down, I was beside myself with glee. That is dirtdog playing and that is my dirtdog player!! I love Tek! He sparked the rest of the team in that one play! That's our captain!

And then Bay and Kotsay hit on. And then one of our blessed little rookies Lowrie hit him home. And then the scoreboard made it all a reality!

Seeing them on the field like this, made me scream like a 12 year old girl at a Duran Duran concert. Except the guys were much closer!!

After the win, and after Dirty Water was played, and after we'd rushed down to the field, my brother and I were still SO freaking excited, we could barely stand still long enough for me to take this photo. We were jumping around like kids and today I can barely walk. Hahaha!

And although the celebration on the field was really rather reserved compared to previous jig-dancing, champagne-spraying moments of the past, we did get to see them with their families (Tek was alone and not often visible in the crowd, at least I didn't see his daughters with the divorce going on, etc, poor guy). We were on the left field side and most of the crowd was gathered around the dugout on the right field side.

I thought this simple sign said it all, for me at least. My brother was hoping for a Papbelbon jig but the best we got in that department was watching him teach one of the little kids to do it for a few seconds.

So, now we face Tampa Bay. Our new nemesis. People out there say they're like we were in 2004, hungry, young, cohesive. Well, I say that may be true, but we have experience and we're going in there to give it our best shot. Rest up boys, there's only one October! (Thank God, because I couldn't handle this more than once a year!)


Deb said...

And I sat (and sit) in my living room living this (and reliving this) moment vicariously through you. Thanks for the pics. And the update on Tek. I didn't know about the seperation let alone the divorce. And while I feel sorry for them all, this means I have a chance now (lol).

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

GET IN LINE DEB, behind us single women!!!

Carolina Girl said...

OH YEA! HUBS to the HUBS. Get in line. hee hee Sounds like you had a fine time missy!!!!! Go Sox!

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