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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Side of Oxygen Please

For those of you daring friends who are joining me in my challenge, I've updated the challenge with some suggestions. Remember it is a challenge, not a contest. We're all going to win, based on what we put into it. Someone suggested tying our success to one another somehow, but I can't wrap my mind around how to do it. I don't compete well, but I am a supportive soul.

Anyway....Another long day of training. And they carted in pizza for lunch! Held captive in a room with 20 other people and forced to eat pizza for lunch. Oh the humanity. I checked, no refrigerator so I couldn't have brought my own lunch anyway.

B - Whey protein shake
L - 2 pieces of cheese pizza
D - two lean organic buffalo patties, steamed peppers, onions

Now I'm sitting here still hungry, waiting for the protein to hit the stomach and tell me it is satisfied.

I will have a cup of YOGI DETOX tea once I've done the training homework (ugh! not going to make it to the gym again tonight) and I can watch some fluff TV like Lipstick Jungle (which I recognize I could do at the gym but I can barely keep my eyes open and they say not to exercise when you're already tired).

Speaking of steamy men, I have some disheartening, though I must admit not entirely surprising, news. It appears that I won't be meeting Seattle after all. Oh he's real alright, just a real, insensitive guy who doesn't seem to know how to be a friend unless there's something in it for him. I sort of sensed this from the beginning but put it aside as I was simply considering him as eye candy. We met through our combined interest in baseball so it is ironically poetic that it should be baseball at the heart of the argument that led me to see him in an unfavorable light. He just couldn't be a friend and say a kind word to me about the Sox. He had to go and say some rather unpleasant things, much in the way a Yankee fan would, like rubbing it in. When I pointed out that a friend would either offer a "sorry bout that, bummer" comment or not say anything at all about it, he told me that I was overreacting, as Sox fans always do. Ahem. It just down-spiraled from there. I thought it would blow over but it didn't, it lingered. When I asked for at least some understanding, I was told I was being a baby. Selfish of him I thought, but it made me stop and evaluate that he'd actually been rather selfish in the five months I've known him. So, anyway. No Seattle birthday bang for me. I will keep searching.

And back to the Chemistry_NOT.com drawing board.

UPDATE: Mom is still in hospital. They've circled back (of course) to the original thought that it is her gallbladder and want to scope her stomach (?) to further determine that possibility. OK whatever. Odd side effect is that she's on oxygen and is acting SO happy that my siblings and I are commenting "Is that OUR mother?" on the phone to one another.

To abuse one of my favorite movie lines, "I'll have what she's having."

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Deb said...

Unless we count the pizza - I will never eat the same as you. I do not have the willpower to be that 'good'. So I eat regular stuff, but no crap and much lesser portions. I do love me some eggs. Ooo, I haven't had breakfast yet! Gotta eat something.

Keep up the good work D! I love the whole idea. And I will definitely do a Monday check in for weight. No problem. :)

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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