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Monday, October 27, 2008

Check-in: ST/VD Challenge

morning weight: 277 lbs

Monday means Spring Training / Valentine's Day Challenge check-in for me. Feel free to self-disclose, either in comments or on your own blog, about how you're doing, what you've changed, or what you are going to set out to do this week. Try not to look beyond 7 days.

Here's mine. Last week:

Pounds lost: none
Days at the gym: one

Yup. Gotta step it up. So, to encourage myself, in addition to putting $1 per pound into my challenge jar, I'm adding in $1 for every trip to the gym. Sad that is my motivation, but it is.

What are you doing for motivation?

This week, I hope to:

Resist carbohydrates.
Get to the gym at least three times.

A little extra motivation for me...Casino Man emailed me: "I hope you had fun last night. I did!" to be exact. Hmm. Wow. Let's see what happens. Trying not to overthink it, trying to be positive.


Carolina Girl said...

Pounds Lost: 0
Days worked out: 2

Yea, I gotta step it up too. *sigh*

Good news about your date though! Sounds intriguing! Glad to hear your mom is doing ok - keep us posted! I'll keep her in my prayers and thoughts!

butterfly said...

LOL, you're just like me, over-analyzing the dating scene.

This guy is totally diggin' you. He sent a follow up e-mail: NICE.

Now don't start trying to hunt for flaws! Enjoy it. Have fun. Go with it.


Deb said...

K! I'm here!
Starting weight = 182.5
This morning = 181.0

So, not bad. But I can do better. I did no real excercise this week - too much home improvement crap doing. I know, I know, that's just an excuse, but I really was tired. SO on to this week!!

I am soo excited you heard from him!! I hope you guys make another date. Don't let the comfy slipper make you nervous. Put it on and enjoy it :)
And getting to the gym 3 times will be awesome!! Notice I said 'will'? Cause I know you'll do it. Can't wait to check in with you on next weeks!!

Anonymous said...

Pounds lost (not sure... I usually weigh in on Wednesday officially, and I don't remember what day I started) I'm down to 296.6, which is REALLY good for this time of day, and I suspect I'll be logging a new low by tomorrow.

I'm assuming it's been about a week since this challenge, so I'm guessing I've lost about 3 lbs.

Days at the gym? Well, including pool time: 5. then went for a walk on Sunday.

Carolina Girl said...

Good job Kate and Deb! Ya'll are motivating me!

you're like butter to me

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Just a Lovable Party Girl
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